A way to live

Speak kindly and with compassion. Speak less. Be less busy. Include more stillness and activities that fill your heart with joy. Make and create art/beautiful things that help people feel connected to beauty. For beauty is deep in the soul. Beauty of nature, beauty of a story, beauty of art… Write to connect, to express … Continue reading A way to live

Looking and Finding

Such beautiful simple wisdom.

Andy Macleod


Look for a sunset

And you will find hope

Look at a flower

And you will find god

Look for your heart

And you will find love

Look for your stillness

And you will find now

Look deep inside

And you will find yourself

Look for silence

And you will find peace

Look for the spaces in between

And you will find the universe

Look for your wings

And you will fly

(Copyright Andy Macleod 2015)

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