Other books, links and cool people

Following are some of the writers, artists and creative people who have inspired me and I’m sure they’re going to inspire you too. Get set to go down the rabbit hole. BTW if you hear of anyone that you want to share, email me (josh@outsidecreative.com.au) and I can add to this page.




Julia Cameron

This a deep dive in the creative life and comes with daily exercises to keep you inspired and motivated.







Elizabeth Gilbert.

She and I think alike. Great book.









Charles Thompson (AKA Black Francis and Frank Black) lead singer of the Pixies.

He’s part of the Stuckists Movement, whatever that is… but I really love his naive style using bold colours and contorted shapes.





Chris Weidner is a cool emerging artist. His Etsy page is worth a look.






Andy Macleod writer, poet, thinker.

I’m biased, but his writing and poetry is incredible, taking a delightful turn for what I call a Gothic noir style.





I also mention Austin Kleon’s book in mine. He has a great way of looking at creativity which makes it accessible to a broad range of people. Also check out his other book, Show Your Work.








50 creatives share their tips and ideas on how to stay creative.







I’m friends with Chris Langley on Facebook and I must admit he’s got a pretty cool surname. (No we’re not related) I love his style of impressionism and his use on bold colours. See his gallery to see how diverse his subjects are.