I asked a bunch of creatives about what lights them up and this is what they said

During the last series of Josh Langley Gets to Know I asked my guests at the end of each interview, ‘What lights you up?’ Their answers inspired me to make a short film so we can remember what’s really important in life. Featuring: Prof Helen Milroy, Barry Divola, Emma Young, David Allan Petale, Laurie Steed, […]

JLGTK Ep 2.28 Barry Nicholls – On Men, Mental Health and Cricket

When I first received a copy of Second Innings: On Men, Mental Health and Cricket, (Fremantle Press) back in June, 2021, I read it in two sittings and immediately tried to line Barry up for an Interview. It wasn’t until December I was able to talk to him and it was worth the wait. Trigger […]

JLGTK Ep 2.27 – Maria Papas – Author Skimming Stones

I love it when a book makes me feel a better person after reading it. That’s how I felt after reading Skimming Stones by Maria Papas (Fremantle Press). Trauma, damaged childhood, nature, beauty, and hope… all wrapped up in a powerful debut novel.

JLGTK Ep 2.26 Jessica Walton – Author of Stars in their Eyes

I got to chat with the author of one of the hottest graphic novels for 2021, Jessica Walton. We talked about disability, queerness, love, inclusion and how she made ‘Stars in their Eyes” with the incredible Aśka Illustration and Fremantle Press Plus you’ll find out what inspiration porn is!

JLGTK – Ep 2.25 Lillian Reekie – Parenting Strategist

Welcome to part 2 of my special 2 part series on parenting. So what do I know about parenting? Nothing, so I’m asking parenting coaches and mentors for their insights. I chatted with Lillian Reekie who teaches the Nurtured Heart Approach to Parenting. TW: We do discuss suicide at around the 40-minute mark, so if […]

JLGTK – 2.24 Yolanda Alvares – Empowered Parenting

Part 1 of my 2-part series on parenting. What do I know about parenting? Zilch! So I asked a couple of very different experts, but strap yourself in, this is not your common garden variety parenting advice. Why Yolanda become a parenting coach. Why she wasn’t showing up for her kids. How she turned the […]

Ep 2.23 Jeremy Kalbstein – The Empathy Initiative

How do you teach kids empathy especially in the online world? I chat with online expert and educator, Jeremy Kalbstein about how to help kids and parents deal with bullying online and to build empathy. It’s a complex issue and Jeremy breaks it down with simple and effective strategies. He also talks about his soon […]

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