Writing WA review

Writing WA is Western Australia's biggest and most respected writing organisations and I was honoured to have them review "It's OK to Feel How You Do'  It's OK to Feel the Way You Do, Josh Langley (Big Sky Publishing) Author-illustrator Josh Langley has created “a little book with a BIG message” to help children come to terms … Continue reading Writing WA review

5 Star review on Goodreads

"Langley's little books with BIG messages of self-help and self-esteem are a house favourite here. Neither overtly moralistic nor sermonic, they present beautiful messages of love, understanding and hope, accompanied with novel, cartoon-esque illustrations. This one encourages kids to acknowledge their self-worth and stick by themselves, 100% of the time. It explores feelings, emotions that … Continue reading 5 Star review on Goodreads

Interview with Creative Kids Tales

  It's OK to feel the way you do Written by Josh Langley Released: October 2017 Book title: It's OK to feel the way you do Author: Josh Langley Illustrator: Josh Langley Publisher: Big Sky Publishing RRP: $14.99 Intended Audience: 4 and up ISBN: 9781925520965 Author’s website: joshlangley.com.au Tell us about yourself I’m a daydreamer, eternal optimist and idealist. I’ve also been known … Continue reading Interview with Creative Kids Tales