Coming soon – Find Your Creative Mojo


BSP Find Your Creative Mojo cover

Find Your Creative Mojo: How to overcome fear, procrastination and self-doubt to express your true self is due for release in September 2018. 

Author/illustrator and award-winning radio copywriter, Josh Langley delivers the untold truth about what it takes to be creative in this punchy, soul rattling manifesto. It’s a call to arms for the creative spirit to get moving and not waste time listening to self-doubt and that of society in general.

Langley has seen how easily creative blocks and fears can be overcome when creativity is reframed as self-expression and we can see the idea of perfection for the lie that it is.

The book isn’t just for so called creative types though, Langley wants everyone to be able to express themselves as he feels it’s in our very nature to find our creative voice. He gives a unique and inspiring, take on the creative process, making it feel achievable for anybody to follow a creative passion.

Broken into 4 sections, the reader is first taken through the reasons why they need to express themselves, how they can overcome obstacles such as fear and procrastination, how to use their personality traits to their advantage and finally they learn how to kick start the creative process.

Find Your Creative Mojo is peppered with fun experiments for the reader to try and most chapters end with bite size takeaway summaries for quick and easy motivation. Josh’s quirky illustrations are dotted throughout the book to underscore the point that self expression and making art can be simple, uncomplicated and most of all doesn’t need to be perfect. The added bonus is that the advice Langley provides isn’t exclusive to creativity, it can be applied to all areas of life.

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