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I’m not setting any goals for next year.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to twiddle my thumbs in 2024 hoping that something magical will happen on it’s own.

Instead of goals, I’m creating things that I want to show up for.

Goals can feel like an obligation. And if I might say, a little pedestrian.

Whereas showing up for something makes it a deeper experience.

Showing up for something shows that you’re willing to push through your fears, anxieties and doubts, to really be present in the experience – the whole experience and the whole process.

Showing up is a visceral full body, mind, soul event.

Yes, you still need to create all the elements for whatever it is, work out the details, timelines, what needs to be done, planning etc. However, every aspect of the working out the details still requires you to show up fully for. It’s part of the whole process.

Goals are mainly about the end result.

Whereas showing up also includes the process PLUS the end result and a whole lot more.

Showing up for every aspect of the process and then seeing what happens.

Where can it lead?

What can you do next?

What opportunities have been created?

What have I learned?

How do I feel?

Show up, plan, show up and be curious about where it can lead.

So, I’m not setting goals for 2024, I’m showing up and the first thing I’m showing up for is planning the launch of my new kid’s book, ‘Thank You – how to turn a grey day into a Yay day’.

I’m also showing up for:

– New Workshop – Parents emotions in person workshop

– New online Program – Introduction to Parents and Kids Big Feelings.

School visits schedule.

– Get ‘You Are Important to the World’ published + book tour

– Write new book of essays and cartoons.

So, what do you want to show up for in 2024?

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