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“Excessive gamming and social media use actually triggers our brain’s reward system, pretty much like we were playing the pokies” – Chelle Taylor Child Psychologist.

Chelle Taylor co-founder and co-owner of Blossomtree Psychology Ballarat. She’s a registered Clinical Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in government departments and community service organisations in remote rural and regional centres in Western Australia and Victoria. Chelle specialises in the provision of therapy to infants, children, and families who have experienced disruption in the development of attachment in primary care relationship and/or developmental trauma such as abuse and neglect. Chelle has a regular spot on Power FM Ballarat

This wide-ranging interview covers:
• What does a child psychologist actually do?
• How important is the parent / caregiver role in the therapy process?
• Why is getting kids to be comfortable with their emotions so important?
• What ways can parents do that?
• Overcoming generations of unhelpful parenting.
• What subtle message are we sending kids by not acknowledging their feelings?
• Why Chelle doesn’t agree with ‘time out’.
• What is the effect of screentime on the developing brain?
• Why are online games and social media so addictive?
• How can parents help balance screentime with in real world time for their kids?
• What is ‘sleep hygiene’ and are the benefits?
• What’s one thing parents can do to get a better night’s sleep and have their kids get a better night’s sleep?

Find out more about Chelle Taylor at
Listen to Chelle’s advice segment on Power FM Ballarat.

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