Josh Langley

Claire is co-founder of BEST Programs 4 Kids, and founder of DiGii Social. Claire has also been a been a therapist for 27 years so she knows her stuff.

“It’s Claire’s mission to increase and promote the preventative mental health care that every child needs through issues rising from a digital childhood.”

Let get to know Claire Orange and how to keep kids safe on line.

We discuss:

  • Boys and gaming
  • How can children be more descerning about being online?
  • The idea behind Digii Social.
  • What is DiGii Social and how does it help educate children?
    (You won’t believe what song is trending the highest with primary school kids on Youtube and it’s definitely no appropriate for kids – Calvin Harris – Open Wide (Official Video) ft. Big Sean)
  • Giving kids digital ‘training wheels’
  • The importance of co-viewing with kids
  • How to you teach empathy when kids are spending so much time on line?
  • What lights Claire up?
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