Find Your Creative Mojo

Award winning Author/illustrator and award-winning radio copywriter, Josh Langley, knows how important it is to find your voice and explore your passions. When he did, his life changed!

In this soul rattling manifesto, he delivers the untold truth about why it’s so important to express yourself. This is the  perfect call to arms for anyone wanting to unleash their creative spirit, or simply find the confidence to do something different.

A humorous and quirky mix of anecdotes, insights, illustrations and inspirational quotes, Find Your Creative Mojo is the perfect companion for any aspiring creative soul.

"Mr Langley's humour is evident throughout this book and it feels like the author is sitting beside you, having a laugh while encouraging you to reach for your dreams. And in a world full of negativity, who wouldn't want that?

Broken into 4 sections, the reader is first taken through the reasons why they need to express themselves, how they can overcome obstacles such as fear and procrastination, how to use their personality traits to their advantage and finally they learn how to kick start the creative process.

This is the book that people will want to pick up again and again to inspire them to find their creative voice, or even just to take that first brave step.

Life will never be the same after reading Find Your Creative Mojo.



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