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Talking about Kids and ADHD with Chrissie Davies

Chrissie Davies runs Chaos to Calm Consultancy and has just released a new kids book to help families and educators better understand ADHD.

In this interview we discuss:

  • 2.16: What exactly is ADHD?
  • 6.02: Self-Acceptance and ADHD
  • 7.04: ADHD and the genetic link and Chrissie’s own ADHD diagnosis
  • 8.35: Why girls after often late diagnosed ADHD and how no-one believed that Chrissie’s daughter had ADHD
  • 9.44: Why parents should be prepared to advocate for their kids
  • 10.13: Why radical acceptance is so important for parents
  • 11.35: Chrissies top-down approach..
  • 12.39: Build a support network.
  • 15.00: A different way of parenting.
  • 16.00: Unpacking Chrissie’s new book, “Love Me, Love My ADHD”
  • 18.45: Collaborating with the illustrator
  • 19.38: Why “Love Me, Love My ADHD” is an important resource for teachers.
  • 22.10: When a school really understands neurodivergent kids.
  • 23.24: What lights Chrissy up?

You can start developing self acceptance in neurodivergent kids with the Inspiring Kids Home Program.

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