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Does your child struggle at times with self-esteem and confidence?

Maybe they’ve been bullied, have autism, anxiety ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, physical disability, a chronic illness or learning difficulty, or feel they just don’t fit in for whatever reason. 

Then Inspiring Kids can help! 

Inspiring Kids is a series of fun videos and activities aimed at developing self-acceptance, confidence, self-belief and resilience in children aged 6 to 10. It’s a simple self paced, plug and play program that kids can watch on demand or as part of a homeschooling lesson plan. 

Inspiring Kids Home Edition is also perfect for Home-schooling families to include valuable social and emotional learning into your individual curriculum.   

The cost of Inspiring Kids Program can be claimed from NDIS funding if you are Plan Managed or Self Managed.


I once saw a shy and withdrawn 10-year-old boy stand up in front of his class and look at another boy who may have bullied him relentlessly and declare, “I bet you didn’t think I would have the guts to come up here and talk. But here I am. Here I am!”.

It was one of the most powerful moments of my life.

I felt different growing up too and struggled at school. I was short, wore glasses, took longer to learn than other kids and was forever getting trouble for daydreaming. A difficult childhood led me to fail high school and I was labelled a disappointment.

However regardless of all that, I ended up becoming a multi award wining radio copywriter and award-winning children’s author where I now get to inspire thousands of kids to believe in themselves.

Once kids learn to accept themselves as they are, the energy they spent in disliking themselves is transformed in a powerful force for change.

I want to inspire your child to believe in themselves too, so they can live their best life.


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  • Help boost self confidence
  • Help believe in themselves and their abilities
  • To accept themselves for who they are
  • To be kinder and less harsh on themselves
  • Give them hope for the future
  • Notice and turn around unhelpful thoughts
  • To help make friends with all their feelings
  • Manage big emotions
  • To be braver and more confident in the world
  • Inspire them to live their best life

"This is such an incredible program 👏👏"
- Homeschool Mum from Facebook

Inspiring Kids at a glance

  • 27 video lessons between 2 and 6 minutes
  • Each video comes with an optional fun and simple writing / drawing activity or conversation starter
  • Run self-paced or use as daily inspiration
  • Mobile / Tablet friendly
  • Accessible for kids with autism, dyslexia, learning difficulties, a physical difference or physical disability.
  • Informal, fun, natural learning through watching / listening, playful activities and meaningful conversations


How Inspiring Kids Works. 

1. Firstly, print off the parent guide and activity planner which features a description of each video and associated activity. (Feel free to share this with your child prior to starting or at the beginning of each video / activity so they can be prepared for what to expect. This maybe important if you have ASD kids.)

2. You can either start at the beginning of module 1 and work your way through the four modules until you reach the end or you can pick and choose where you want to start and work your way through using the parent guide to track your progress. (See below for module descriptions) 

3. Each video and activity takes only 10 to 20 minutes to do. You and your child can decide whether you do a video lesson each day or every second day or even weekly. For home-schooling families, you can see how it fits into your existing lesson plan. 

4. The activities are simple and fun and involve either writing, drawing or conversations starters. However feel free to change the activity to suit what your child is happy doing. (I know some ASD kids don’t like writing and would prefer to draw.)

5. Inspiring Kids can be done with either parent and child together, or merely supervised or even on demand by the child themselves. 

What Inspired, Inspiring Kids? 

Inspiring Kids Program is based on my primary school presentations, my Being You is Enough books series and what I would go back to tell my 8-year-old self about life. And unsurprisingly it’s all the important life lessons and skills that go to form the foundation for a fulfilling life, including self-acceptance.

I’m the author of the ground-breaking Being You is Enough book series that’s used by teachers, schools, child psychologists, therapists, hospitals, speech pathologists, specialist educators and disability advocates. Read more about my story. 


“Having worked with thousands of children over the decades; I know kids need this! Josh has developed a program that sets kids up to develop crucial and foundational life skills. The modules are highly engaging, and personable; with content that really speaks to children’s hearts and minds. With the Josh Langley trademark quirks, and fun; you won’t find another program like it; it truly is one of a kind”

Sonia Bestulic, Author, Speech & Language Pathologist, Podcaster of Chatabout Children

"Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter."

Karen Young, Children's anxiety expert and founder of Hey Sigmund.

“Learning to connect with your own creativity and to give things a go is something many people talk about, but Josh provides simple yet effective strategies for children and parents to use together"

Ruth Lindsay, Children's Tumour Foundation

"Inspiring Kids looks great! My 8 yo will be very keen to draw someone on the toilet, in fact I may not ever get her past that point because she'll think it's wonderful!"

Sara Forster, Homeschooling mum

"My client is using your program with her three littlies and loving it!"

Miranda Watkins, CEO of Evolve Wellbeing | Psychologist

"It’s fabulous. Parents are going to love it”

Michell Mitchell Parenting and Teen expert

“Josh is the best role model for our next generation."

Patina Pearson

“I've used Josh's books in so much of my teaching. His simple, genuine and entertaining way of explaining feelings to kids and adults alike is pure genius. I'm very excited about his new program, where his magic way of teaching kindness and self-awareness continues”

Sally Young, Primary School Teacher

"I love how simple it is and how easy it will be for teachers (and school’s) to implement."

Shannon Crozier, Dean of Year 4, 5 and 6 at Josiah College - Specialist Autism school.

"I am sure this program will help many children"

Megan Collins - Homeschooling mum

"It’s good to have a program for schools and homeschoolers to access because as right now there is almost nothing on acceptance."

Ruth Smith - Homeschooling mum



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  • Video – Even cool kids have to poo (3:27) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – It’s Ok to be Different (3:27) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – No-one is perfect (4:40) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – Every ‘body’ is just fine the way they are (3:14) + Self-reflection activity.
  • Video – Being You is Enough (3:36) + self-reflection activity.
  • Video – Knowing your thoughts (5:41) + Breathing exercise.
  • Video – How to change your thoughts (4:18) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – Making friends with yourself (3:18) + Conversation starter and writing exercise.
  • Video – When you feel all alone (3:48) + Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Video – Power of daydreaming and imagination (6:37) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – Mistakes can be magnificent (3:52) Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Video – Failing can be fantastic (5:42) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Problems don’t have to be…. Problems! (5:32) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – How to avoid overthinking (4:51) + simple writing exercise.
  • Video – How to be brave (5:57) + simple writing exercise.
  • Video – You are Important to the world (3:49) no activity.
  • Video – We all have feelings (3:48) Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Video – When we feel sad (5:01) Simple self-awareness activity.
  • Video – When we feel angry (6:24) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – When we feel anxious (4:53) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – The power of gratitude (4:25) + writing exercise.
  • Video – Discover your wildly kind power (1:55) Simple awareness activity.
  • Video – Being Wildly Kind to people (5:25) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Real reason not to be mean (Don’t bully people) (3:48) no activity.
  • Video – Being Wildly Kind to Animals (2:45) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – Being Wildly kind to the planet (6:11) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Real power of being Wildly Kind (3:36) + Self-reflection exercise.


  • FREE  easy to follow parent guide and lesson summary
  • FREE downloadable activity sheets and lesson summaries
  • FREE bonus blooper reel!

So if your child has been bullied, has anxiety, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, learning difficulties or struggles with self confidence, then Inspiring Kids is just what they need to build their self esteem again

Inspiring Kids was $149 but for November is only $129

Inspiring Kids Program - Home Edition

Was $149 but during November get Inspiring Kids Home Edition for only $129 incl. GST. (The cost of Inspiring Kids Program can be claimed from NDIS funding if you are Plan Managed or Self Managed.)

BONUS OFFER 1 Sign up and you get a FREE copy of "21 Conversation Starters with Kids and a guide to having deeper conversations"

Sometimes engaging your kids in conversation can be like pulling teeth, so this guide features 21 great ways to open up those important chats. It then allows you to get an insight into what they’re thinking and feeling. I’ve put together the questions based on my Being You is Enough book series, Inspiring Kids Program, and questions that parents and parenting experts have shared with me over the years and some of the best ones I’ve found on the internet.

The PDF also includes a guide to having those deeper, more meaningful conversations. 

Simply download to your phone or tablet or print off and laminate each one. 

BONUS OFFER 2 Get 10 FREE affirmation posters

What a great way to remind kids of how amazing they are, than with these affirmation posters they can read when they wake up or if they’re going through some struggles. 

Simply print off, laminate and put up on their wall.  There are 10 different affirmations posters in total with new ones about to be added and you’ll get first access for free as a member of the Inspiring Kids Program. 


The benefit of unlimited access for 5 years is that you and your children can do the program every year for 5 years so the key themes  of resilience, emotional regulation, self acceptance and empathy stay top of mind as they grow up. 
They can also watch their favourite videos over and over so that the message is reinforced. 
And if any emotional learning opportunities arise such as an angry outburst you can both watch the video lesson on anger and allow important conversations to arise in that safe space. 

BONUS OFFER 4 Comes with whole family license!

Inspiring Kids Home Edition comes with a whole family license, so it can be used by every child in your family whether it’s  one child or 8. 

Inspiring Kids was $149 but for November is only $129

Inspiring Kids Program - Home Edition

Was $149 but during November get Inspiring Kids Home Edition for only $129 incl. GST. (The cost of Inspiring Kids Program can be claimed from NDIS funding if you are Plan Managed or Self Managed.)

Any questions? Send me a message


A: Kids aged 7 to 10. However if your child is older than 10 but developmentally younger, they would benefit too.

A: I don’t get specific, because I want all kids to relate to what I’m saying, I keep things very generalised.

A: Membership to Inspiring Kids is for 5 Years, so you and your child can go through the program over and over. The videos are all able to be watched on-demand as well, so when certain life situations arise, your child can watch a video that can help them work through with that situation.

A: Yes definitely. It’s currently being used with a year 4 class at a specialist school in Queensland for kids with Autism.

A: Yes. The messages and activities are still just as relevant and might be even more important for your child to hear.

A: Inspiring Kids program, does contain some basic animation, but nothing that would be considered intense. I’d suggest watching the preview videos to get an idea of what the graphics and animations look like. And no there are no loud noises or sound effects.

A: Yes. Every child will be able to take something away from the course, even if it’s simply being able to notice and manage their thoughts and emotions so they can live a more emotionally balanced life as they grow up.

A: Not as yet. I intend on including closed captions shortly. However, I highlight key messages in bold text on the screen as I talk, so your child can get the key takeaway messages and still do the activities. I’d suggest watching one of the sample videos to see what I mean.


Inspiring Kids is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counselling or medical treatment. It’s designed for inspiration and motivation.  If a parent has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing, they should seek medical treatment from a qualified professional and not solely rely upon the opinions expressed in Inspiring Kids It is not designed for children who have severe psychological disorders or medical conditions. Children who show signs of dangerous behaviour to themselves or others, should be placed under the care of a qualified professional.