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How much do writers really earn?

Want to see what an author makes in a year?

I’ve closed off the last financial year and crunched the raw numbers (before my accountant does his stuff) and this is what I earned and where it came from.

I was worried about sharing this info as it’s taboo to talk about money, but I wanted to bust a few myths about what writers earn, how they earn it and how hard they work behind the scenes.

This was my first year trying to make a fulltime living from my writing and associated projects. I work almost 7 days a week either writing, illustrating, working on the website, creating social media content, doing the podcast, putting together the fortnightly newsletter, taking bookings, filling book orders, researching, travelling, doing presentations, building courses and programs, marketing and promotion.

Income and expenditure for 2022 / 2023

  • Gross: $40,567
  • Less Expenses: $16,960
  • Net: $23,607


Presentations: Includes school incursions / Library talks / school holiday events / Discovering Emotions in person course.

Personal Book Sales: I buy the books directly from my publisher and sell signed copies through my website.

Online Programs: This includes Inspiring Kids home program, student wellbeing program and allied health program.

ELR / PLR: Education and public lending rights from libraries and schools.

Royalties: I receive 10% for each book sold in bookstores. Royalties for this period only included the first half of the financial year as I have yet to receive payment for the second half. Also for most of the year my two most popular books where out of print. Thankfully that’s been rectified.

Expenses included: Buying book stock, Google Ads, postage, fuel, yada, yada, yada…

So, to everyone who bought books and programs and booked a school visit or library visit. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

The takeaways

– The Inspiring Kids programs are doing really well!

– Now that the Being You is Enough book series is back in stock, I can see a big uptick in sales in the next few months.

– I may not be rich (yet), but I get to live a rewarding life and do things I really love to do. I feel very fortunate.

– This new financial year is already shaping up to be much bigger and better.

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