Josh Langley

I want you to meet Ruby.

She’s facing the enormity of the Indian ocean.

In fact, she’s standing in it. Unafraid.

Within a couple of minutes of this photo being taken, she was rolling around with delight in the water, complete with clothes on!

Her Dad was keeping a safe eye on her.

But he didn’t stop her from playing. They had a towel and spare clothes in the car in case of wonderful moments like this.

Curiosity, wonder and play.

So where does our own childlike wonder and playfulness go?

How often do we censor ourselves and just before we do something playful or a bit silly, we talk ourselves out of the fun?

I guess we’re grownups now.

We have to adult.

We have to be responsible.  

Go to work.

Pay tax.

Stare at screens all day

Get outraged at things.

Feel tired all the time.

And get anxious, stressed, and medicated.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  

Finding our playfulness

Just because we’re ‘older’ doesn’t mean we leave our inner child behind, abandoned somewhere.

Being a responsible adult is overrated.

Do you know what gives me the most joy?

Drawing cartoons.

Writing books.

Talking to flowers.

Watching insects.

Taking photos.

Staring up at the stars.

Wandering down back alleys to see where they go.

Listening to music that moves me to tears.

Sitting on the verandah watching the sunset with someone I love and glass of wine.

Watching the sunrise with a good coffee.

And getting my feet wet in the ocean.

When I’m led by my curiosity, wonder and playfulness, I’m a much happier person and far less anxious.

As Ruby grows up, I hope she continues to be led by moments of playfulness and she’s learned to have a towel and spare clothes in the car for such moments.

Maybe we all do.

When we feel like taking the adulting clothes off and being a bit silly or adventurous, we know we’ve got a spare set – just in case we want to put them on again.

I hope you don’t.

It’s time to get messy.

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