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How can we better help teachers, help their ADHD students? I chatted to author of ‘Flicking the Switch – Reaching and Teaching Students with ADHD’, Fiona Kearnan about this important topic.

2.33: What does ADHD look like in the classroom, how can teachers identify what’s going on?
3.27: Behaviour charts and self-esteem – are they helpful or harmful?
6.34: How can teachers build deeper relationships with their students?
9.44: Dopamine – how does it affect kids with ADHD and what can teachers do support these kids and create a calmer classroom.
19.30: What lights Fiona up?
21.40: When Fiona received a letter from a student.

About Fiona: She is the author of “Flicking the Switch: Reaching and Teaching Students with ADHD”. Fiona Kearnan has been researching the impacts of ADHD on student behaviour and learning for over 30 years. She studied primary teaching at The University of Melbourne, obtained special education qualifications at Deakin University, and completed her master’s degree in Behaviour at Monash University. Fiona has over 25 years of classroom experience in both primary, secondary and special education settings.

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