Josh Langley is an award-winning children’s author promoting positive mental and emotional wellbeing messages for primary school aged kids.

Josh has inspired thousands of school children across WA with his powerful messages of resilience and self-esteem.

Josh’s signature presentation is based on his books Being You is Enough, the ABIA Award winning It’s OK to Feel the Way You Do, Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures and Being Wildly Kind. his funny and engaging presentations have been developed to compliment the health and well being aspects of the Australian school curriculum as well as connecting with pastoral care policies.

Josh has also appeared at the Margaret River Young Readers Festival and Telling Tales Children’s Festival in Balingup. He’s also a popular guest speaker for year 6 Graduation ceremonies for various primary schools.

In Person Presentations: Each session is 45 minutes.

Pre Primary – Year 2
Fun interactive reading of Being Wildly Kind plus drawing activity.
Topics: Showing kindness and empathy, feelings and creativity.

Year 3 – Year 6
Being You is Enough interactive presentation with drawing activity.
Topics: How Josh overcame failures to become an award-winning author, growing resilience, self-acceptance,
the importance of talking about feelings, building empathy and the power of imagination.

Fees: (based on Australia Society of Author rates)
1 session: $350
2 sessions: $450
3 to 4 sessions $650.

Optimal class size is 30 to 40 students however Josh is open to larger sizes if need be.

Zoom Virtual Visits:
Josh is available for virtual school visits to regional WA and Australia wide.

Book Orders:
Parents can purchase Josh’s books via an order form that can be sent out through your school.

Josh can also do virtual sessions