Inspiring Kids
- Helping children manage big emotions and develop inner confidence.

Inspiring Kids is an easy way to help your child to:

Learn how to manage big emotions like anger and anxiety.
Notice and turn around unhelpful thoughts.
To be OK with who they are.
Be kinder and less harsh on themselves.
Believe in themselves and their abilities.
Be braver and more confident in the world.
“My client is using your program with her three littlies and loving it!”
– Miranda Watkins, CEO of Evolve Wellbeing | Psychologist
“It’s good to have a program for schools and homeschoolers to access because as right now there is almost nothing on acceptance.”
Ruth Smith – Homeschooling mum
“Soph keeps asking to do the next module and loves the humour!” 
– Megs Collins
“I’ve logged in and had a look now and it looks really great! My 8 yo will be very keen to draw someone on the toilet, in fact I may not ever get her past that point because she’ll think it’s wonderful!”
– Sara Foster

Inspiring Kids can be lifechanging in many ways

For you

  • Have a calmer home with less anger outbursts and meltdowns as your child begins to learn how to manage their big emotions.
  • Less heartbreak at seeing your child struggle as they begin to accept themselves.
  • You’ll know what you child is thinking and feeling as you’ll have deeper discussions as result of doing the program.
  • Create a stronger bond and connection with your child.
  • You know they’re learning important life lessons; they wouldn’t otherwise learn.
  • During screentime they’re learning something important as well as being entertained.
  • Feel like you’re not doing this alone.

For your child

  • Feel more empowered.
  • Begin to feel more confident.
  • More in control of their thoughts and feelings.
  • Have a set of tools to draw upon, to help them through difficult times.
  • Develop a stronger self of who they are.
  • More willing to try new things.
  • Feel less alone. 
  • Be more willing to ask for help when they’re stressed or worried about something. 
  • Set them up with skills for life.
  • Fun and engaging screentime.
  • Lots of playful and fun activities that don’t feel like schoolwork!

Inspiring Kids is the only program to teach unique kids like yours, that they are amazing the way they are and how to begin to navigate a complex world.


What is the Inspiring Kids Home Program? 

Inspiring Kids Home Program is a series of 27 kid friendly fun videos, matched with activities and conversation starters. 

The videos are short, fun to watch and the activities super easy. You’re done in a few minutes.  

Follow the Video By Video Parent Guide or watch each video on demand to help with any issue that arises – Anger, anxiety, self esteem etc. 

Inspiring Kids is easily accessible for kids with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, learning differences, and kids who may have been bullied or suffered trauma. 

Inspiring Kids can also be part of a homeschooling curriculum to build important social and emotional skills. 


Program Overview

  • Even Cool Kids Have to Poo (3:27) + Drawing activity.
  • It’s Ok to be Different (3:27) + Conversation starter.
  • No-one Is Perfect (4:40) + Drawing activity.
  • Every ‘body’ is just fine the way they are (3:14) + Self-reflection activity.
  • Being You Is Enough (3:36) + self-reflection activity.
  • Knowing Your Thoughts (5:41) + Breathing Exercise.
  • How to Change Your Thoughts (4:18) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Making Friends With Yourself (3:18) + Conversation starter and writing exercise.
  • When You Feel All Alone (3:48) + Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Power of daydreaming and imagination (6:37) + Drawing activity.
  • Mistakes can be magnificent (3:52) Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Failing can be fantastic (5:42) + Conversation starter.
  • Problems don’t have to be…. Problems! (5:32) + Conversation starter.
  • How to avoid overthinking (4:51) + simple writing exercise.
  • How to be brave (5:57) + simple writing exercise.
  • You are Important to the world (3:49) no activity.
  • We all have feelings (3:48) Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • When we feel sad (5:01) Simple self-awareness activity.
  • When we feel angry (6:24) + Drawing activity.
  • When we feel anxious (4:53) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • The power of gratitude (4:25) + writing exercise.
  • Discover your wildly kind power (1:55) Simple awareness activity.
  • Being Wildly Kind to people (5:25) + Conversation starter.
  • Real reason not to be mean (Don’t bully people) (3:48) no activity.
  • Being Wildly Kind to Animals (2:45) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Being Wildly kind to the planet (6:11) + Conversation starter.
  • Real power of being Wildly Kind (3:36) + Self-reflection exercise.
  • Bonus blooper reel!

Inspiring Kids Kids Sample Video

Membership to Inspiring Kids includes:

Unlimited access to all videos (value $200)
Activity sheets and lesson summaries (value $50)
21 conversation starters and deep conversations guide (value $25)
Video by video parent guide (value $67)
Whole family license

What parents and kids are saying


Inspiring Kids Home Edition can be funded through NDIS if you’re plan or self managed under Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living support category 15 or under Innovative Community Participation from mainstream provider. 
Individual plans might have core funding for social and emotional development. 

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“We love the program. One of the cool things Daisy said about it was that she really liked hearing stories that sound like her, especially the imagination and daydreaming video” 
– Kitty Black

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I’m Josh Langley

I suffered childhood trauma when I was young, had learning difficulties and failed high school. However I overcame those hurdles to become an award winning children’s author, inspirational speaker and Westfield Local Hero. 

No matter what a child’s situation or diagnosis, I want all kids to know how amazing they are, that they’re important to the world and they have something wonderful to offer. That’s why I’ve developed programs like this one, write my kids books and tour hundreds of Primary Schools talking to students. 

My work is now used by parents, primary schools, child psychologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists around the world. 



A: I don’t get specific, because I want all kids to relate to what I’m saying, I keep things very generalised.

A: Yes definitely. It’s currently being used with a year 4 class at a specialist school in Queensland for kids with Autism.

A: Yes. The messages and activities are still just as relevant and might be even more important for your child to hear.

A: Inspiring Kids program, does contain some basic animation, but nothing that would be considered intense. I’d suggest watching the preview videos to get an idea of what the graphics and animations look like. And no there are no loud noises or sound effects.

A: Yes. Every child will be able to take something away from the course, even if it’s simply being able to notice and manage their thoughts and emotions so they can live a more emotionally balanced life as they grow up.

A: Not as yet. I intend on including closed captions shortly. However, I highlight key messages in bold text on the screen as I talk, so your child can get the key takeaway messages and still do the activities. I’d suggest watching one of the sample videos to see what I mean.


Inspiring Kids is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counselling or medical treatment. If a parent has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing, they should seek medical treatment from a qualified professional.