Josh Langley

International Women's Day

This is my mum and this is what International Women’s Day means to me.

My mum taught me that it was normal for a woman to have a job.

She taught me it was normal for a woman to have a profession.

She taught me it was normal for a woman to run her own business.

She taught me it was normal for a woman to head up a department at a major hospital.

She taught me that women can have their place alongside men, by being a living example of it.

But what I didn’t see was the struggle, prejudice, gender bias, glass ceiling, misogyny and sexism that she had to face every day in her working life.

However, I did see those struggles in her everyday life.

She faced ostracisation, resentment and even anger from men because she was a woman who knew what she wanted.

She was confident, capable, smart, independent and worked hard.

She also loved camping, 4-wheel driving and fishing, one time coming second in a major fishing comp in Broome, which rattled the cages of a few men!

My mum taught me that women could do anything a man can do, to the point where the idea of the woman staying at home doing the domestic duties was alien to me.

My mum would never have made a fuss about International Woman's Day but I know she's paved the way for many young women.

My mum taught me that gender shouldn’t define your role in life.

I hope International Women’s Day inspires all young people to be who they want and to take their place in the world.

I long to see a world were women and men can be equal.

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