It’s OK to Feel How You Do


Coming in 2017.  

It’s Ok to Feel How You Do is filled with messages that all parents want their kids to know.

Following on from his ground breaking kids Book, Being You is Enough and other important stuff, inspirational author Josh Langley has released the long awaited follow up It’s Ok to Feel How You Do. Loaded with more positive life affirming statements for kids, It’s Ok to Feel How You Do tackles the tricky subjects of friendship, loneliness, anxiety, dealing with emotions and what is considered normal – all packaged in a fun and bright way.

Josh’s quirky and simple illustration style will again be a hit with kids, with It’s Ok to Feel How You Do featuring a boy with undies on his head, cows lounging on the moon, angry little girls, and pimple squeezing.

With the sections covering all the super duper things that a kids should know, starting out with “There’s no such thing as normal, because we all have our weird bits that makes us so adorable” to the final affirmation “In the end no matter what happens in your mind, just know that everything will turn out fine”

Great for parents

Running at around 80 pages, the book can be read in one sitting or over a few nights. Parents will relish the opportunity the book provides to start deeper discussions and conversation with their kids about the topics featured.

Great for educators:

Teachers can use the book as part of the health and well being component of the education department’s school curriculum. Pastoral Care Co-ordinators also will find the book helpful when dealing with self esteem issues with students and can be used as conversation starters.

Coming in 2017.