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Ep 2.19 – Kitty Black on talking to kids about feelings and living with ADHD

Talking about the emotional wellbeing of kids is close to my heart and that’s why this chat I had with fabulous WA kid’s author Kitty Black is so special. Kitty is about to release two books that discuss feelings and emotions, ‘Follow Your Feelings – Lucy and Sad’ and ‘Follow Your Feelings – Max and Worry’ so I wanted to get her on my show to give parents an idea on how talk to kids about feelings.

Ep 2.18 Ming Johanson – You can be creative and successful.

Meet Ming Johanson, Mother of Unicorns and CEO of Marketing Jumpstart. If you’re serious about making a living from your art, writing or whatever, then you need to watch this.

Ep 2.17 Amelia McInerney – Who Fed Zed

Amelia McInerney is on a roll! After the success of Book Chook, Bad Crab and My Bird Bertie, Amelia is back with her new book, Who Fed Zed out through Allen and Unwin. We talk about how Who Fed Zed was inspired by a personal story about food allergies, and how the writing just flowed. We also chat about how she started writing kids books, how she got her first book contract and about working with different illustrators.

Ep 2.16 David Allan-Petale – Author Locust Summer

Download the audio version

Locust Summer is one of the must reads for 2021 and I was lucky enough to talk to the author, David Allan Petale.

David’s life story is one of adventure, travel, discovery and inspiration and we unpack a lot of it during our conversation, including his time working as a journalist in regional WA, working a producer at the BBC in London, travelling the world, travelling around Australia with his wife and baby in a caravan and the inspiration behind Locust Summer. But we talk about so much more….. Locust Summer is out July 1 through Fremantle press:…

Ep 2.15 Cameron Macintosh, author of the Max Booth kid’s series

I loved doing this interview with author of the Max Booth Super Sleuth series, Cameron Macintosh and finding out what motivates him as a writer and what inspired his latest book series.

JLGTK Ep 2.14 Professor Helen Milroy – Connecting to nature, childhood trauma and dissociation

*Trigger warning. This conversation involves discussions about childhood trauma. This was a very important conversation for me to have and validated things I’d been thinking and feeling for a long time. I hope it helps you in some way too.* My interview with WA’s Australian of the Year for 2021, Professor Helen Milroy, starts out gently as we discuss her new kid’s books, but we then take a sharp turn to talk about her work in the childhood trauma field. I share my own personal experiences as a way of framing the conversation.

Ep 2.13 – Georgie Donaghey celebrating 10 years of Creative Kids Tales

I take you behind the scenes of one of Australia’s biggest children’s author services, Creative Kid’s Tales with owner and founder Georgie Donaghey. We discuss how she started the business 10 years ago, and how it’s grown to have 4 divisions, over 1,300 members and is now a big industry player.

Ep 2.12- Brigid Lowry on Self Kindness, Anxiety, Buddhism and Melancholy

Oh gee, where do I start with this interview? It started out as a grey day with a tinge of sadness, but after chatting with Author and Zen student, Brigid Lowry I felt ok with being human again and the weather of feelings that comes with it.

We chat about her latest book out through Fremantle Press, ‘A year of loving kindness to myself and other essays’ and take a wander through subjects like anxiety, Buddhism, what does it look like to be kind to yourself.

Ep 2.11 Gary Lonesborough – The Boy from the Mish

Gary Lonesborough is the author of ‘Boy from the Mish’, a YA novel that explores what it’s like to be gay and aboriginal in a rural Australia. Interestingly, at it’s heart, it’s really a love story and that’s what I loved about the book.

I talk to Gary about the inspiration by behind the book, what it’s like to write so personally through his characters, how his life has changed since the book was released and we even discuss which was Kylie Minogue’s best period in music.

Ep 2.10 Georgia Richter – Editor at Fremantle Press – The business of being a writer

We discuss the new book she has co-authored with Deborah Hunn, ‘How to be an Author in Australia; The business of being a writer’ and Georgia reveals lots of insights and secrets about getting a manuscript published and what a writer needs to do to be noticed. You can grab a copy of the book from Fremantle Press.

Ep 2.9 Emma Young on writing The Last Bookshop

Come behind the scenes of one of the most heart-warming books of 2021, The Last Bookshop, by Emma Young (Fremantle Press). I talk to Emma about why the book is making people cry, what her motivation was to write it and what real life bookshops in Perth inspired “The Book Fiend”. Read about Emma and get her book at

Ep 2.8 Josephine Taylor – discussing Vulvodynia and Eye of a Rook.

20 Years ago Josephine Taylor’s life changed irrevocably, when she developed a chronic condition that no-one could diagnose.

After years of suffering, something changed, not in her condition, but her relationship to it and that’s what I wanted to explore in one of my most intimate interviews for Josh Langley Gets to Know to date.

Josephine Taylor went on to become an integral part of the WA writing community, gaining her PhD in writing, lecturing at Edith Cowan University, editing the prestigious Westerly Magazine and now she has released her debut novel with Fremantle Press, Eye of Rook. This is the story of what happened and how it inspired Eye of Rook.

Ep 2.7 Teigan Margetts from Ethicool on challenging the publishing industry

Teigan Margetts is the co-owner of Ethicool Books, an ethically based kid’s book publisher in Melbourne. I wanted to know more about their business model and why it would benefit kid’s authors and parents. Visit Ethicool Books

Ep 2.6 Claire Eaton, Youth Coach / Author on understanding today’s teenagers

I chat with youth coach, Claire Eaton about why teens seems to be struggling at the moment and what parents can do to help.

Ep 2.5 – Sonia Bestulic – on why selfcare is so important for mums

Why do mum’s always put their family first and neglect their own self care? It maybe the norm, but does anyone really benefit?

I chat with Sonia Bestulic; Speech Pathologist, Bestselling Author, Podcaster and author of ‘Flourish for Mums – 21 Ways to Thrive with Self-care and Acceptance”.

Ep 2.4 – Teena Raffa-mulligan – how to inspire kids to write and lots more!

Prolific writer and author Teena Raffa Mulligan has just released her latest book for kids, ‘You Can be a Writer”, but true to form with my show, our discussion soon takes an unexpected turn!

Ep 2.3 – Michelle Worthington – On being a kid’s content creator

What does the future look like for children’s authors? According to Michelle Worthington, it’s going to look a lot different than in years past. This a must watch for ever kid’s author and content creator as we discuss what the future may look like and how we can all get ready for it.

Ep 2.2 Desney Kind author of Transit of Angels.

Death, grief and hope. They’re the themes of Desney King’s profound novel, Transit of Angels. I chatted to Desney about why the topic of death is so taboo in western society and what may come after when physically die.

Ep2.1 Jessie Aiton – on being a late diagnosed autistic woman

Jessie Aiton is the founder of The Lost Girl and she shares her personal story of tragedy to triumph and how she’s now offering hope to many late diagnosed autistic women. Connect with Jessie at

In Josh’s new chat show he talks with people in the kid’s mental health and well-being fields to discover the person behind their work and what motivates them.

New! Ep 27 – Nina Angelo – Author / Storyteller / Healer

After spending 4 years writing her memoir about her parents surviving Nazi Concentration camps and immigrating to Australia, artist and storyteller and Order of Australia recipient, Nina Angelo, was diagnosed with stage 4 Lymphoma.

12 months on, Nina is cancer free.

This is Nina’s extraordinary story of hope, love, and power of creativity. Grab your copy of “Don’t Cry – Dance, A memoir of war, love and forgiveness” from

New! Ep 26 – Jo Jackson King and attachment theory

I’ve recently discovered Attachment Theory in my investigation into children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. I chat with the author of “Raising the Best Possible Child: How to parent happy and successful kids from birth to seven”, Jo Jackson King about Attachment Theory and how it can make parenting a little less confusing.

Ep25 – Imani Benfell – Writing, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and being gender fluid.

Imani is the host of Booktoberfest, where they interview one writer a day for 30 days during October. They’re the author of the middle grade fantasy novel “Mysteries of Maybelle” and they’re a passionate advocate for LGBTQI issues.

Imani normally interviews me during this time, but I wanted to find out what makes them one of the youngest (at 14) most passionate people I know.

Imani also has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Dysautonomia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it doesn’t seem to stop them from achieving their passion.

Make sure you watch til the end for Imani’s most embarrassing moments.

NEW! Ep24: Annabel Smith – how much money do writers really make?

How much do writers actually earn?
And how much did I earn for 2019/2020?

I sit down with author, writing teacher and mentor, Annabel Smith and we lift the lid on what writers earn and how they make their money. She tells it like it is in this wide ranging conversation that goes where most writers don’t want to go and we both reveal our incomes for the last financial year.

Ep 23 What it takes to be a successful kids author with Georgie Donaghey

Everyone in the Australian kids lit community knows Georgie Donaghey.

Georgie Donaghey has published 4 kids’ books, has been finalist for many awards and is the powerhouse behind Creative Kids Tales and the recently created Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency.

I wanted to find out what drives Georgie to achieve so much and I get her to share some of her biggest secrets about how to make it as a kids in author in such a tough industry.

New! Ep 22 – Donna Mazza, author of Fauna

Donna Mazza is an extraordinary storyteller and her latest book, Fauna is no exception. An extraordinary work of speculative fiction that builds tension like a thunderstorm coming in from over the horizon.

Based on the question “What if the child that you were carrying wasn’t entirely human?”, Fauna takes the reader into uncharted territory – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Ep 21 – Elizabeth Mary Cummings – talking about the environment with kids

In this episode of Josh Langley Gets to Know, I chat with children’s author, Elizabeth Mary Cummings about her latest children’s book, Rain Shaker (illustrated by Cheri Hughes and published by Big Sky Publishing), and about why it’s important to talk about environmental issues with kids. We also discuss the state of kid’s mental health and the uncertainly they face for the future, especially for teens and young adults.

Mash up to celebrate 20 interviews!

I’ve racked up 20 interviews so far for Josh Langley Gets to Know. Only a few months ago I didn’t even know I was going to have my own chat show! Here’s a mash up of behind the scenes with the guests, some funny moments and what gets left on the cutting room floor.

New! Ep20 Adam Wallace – how to make a living from writing kid’s books.

Can you make a full time living from writing kid’s books? I get to know New York Times bestselling kid’s author, Adam Wallace to find out how he swapped an engineering career to be a full time kid’s author.

He’s just created an online course package that gives all his secrets, tips and advice on how you can possibly turn your side hustle writing kids books into a full time gig including how to create awesome school presentations.

You can access Adam Wallace’s Kid’s Book Creative Capital here: Find out more about Adam Wallace:

Ep19 Monique Mulligan – writing about grief and loss.

It’s not often I read a book that makes me cry, but Monique Mulligan’s debut novel had me a balling mess! In fact I felt so many emotions reading it can’t easily describe them here. So take a look and see why I was so affected by ‘Wherever You Go’.

Wherever You Go is published by Pilyara Press You can contact Monique here

Ep18. Jeremy Kalbstein – Online Safety for kids

Online safety is one the most important issues facing parents and teachers today. I chat with Digital E-learning specialist and a primary school teacher, Jeremy Kalbstein about what parents can do to help make the online world a safer for everyone. Plus we also talk his new kids about cyber bullying ‘It’s Up to U”, illustrated by Leigh Brown and published by Empowering Resources.

For more resources and to get Jeremy’s book, go to

Ep 17 Lisa Portolan, Co-author of Pretty Girls.

Lisa Portolan is co-author (with Samantha Macdonald) of a confronting and brave new book, “Pretty Girls” published by Big Sky Publishing.

“PRETTY GIRLS | A hard-hitting story with a big heart, a story that reaches beyond the violence against women, the darkness and defeat, the soul defying feeling of self-worth, to reclaim and empower women everywhere.”

I wanted to know what made Lisa to co-write such a book, the story behind it and what they hope people will take away from it. (Lisa’s dogs got out of the house so she had to dash off and rescue them half way through the interview, but I kept it in. I like to keep it real!)

Pretty Girls is available here:

Lisa is now also the host of Slow love Podcast.

Ep16 Allison Paterson and Generation Alpha and what it means for kids authors.

“Being a great writer or illustrator is no longer enough… our capacity as writers and illustrators to adapt and present ourselves as capable in the digital world is more important than ever” – Allison Paterson.

In this episode, Teacher / Librarian, Children’s author and publishing consultant, Allison Paterson introduces us to Generation Alpha and what they mean for kids authors today.

This is must viewing for every kids author and teacher.

(We did momentarily forgot Ashley Fell’s name from McCrindle Research, but I blame it on the fact it was very early in the morning.)

Using the McCrindle Report on Gen Alpha and the “Education Future Forum – A Clearer Picture of Education” as our foundation, we discuss:

  • Who are Generation Alpha and what defines them?
  • How do they like to learn?
  • How to create an engaging school presentation for these kids.
  • How COVID has accelerated the shift to online learning.
  • How can authors can gain the attention of teachers / librarians?
  • What do authors need to have as part of their author platform these days?
  • Allison turns the tables and asks me about what I’ve been doing with my platform.
  • The courage to learn now skills and push yourself.
  • What publishers look for in a partnership with an author.
  • What does the future look like for Generation Alpha?
  • What’s the most important things to focus on about life?

To find out more about Generation Alpha and to download the report go to

About Allison Paterson
Is a teacher-librarian and writer of historical based children’s books such as:

  • Anzac Sons: Five Brothers on the Western Front.
  • Australia Remembers: Anzac Day, Remembrance Day and War Memorials
  • As well as her first YA novel, Follow After Me
    Allison has been longlisted for several awards and in 2017 received the May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Creative Time Fellowship.
    Allison is also a presenter and a publishing consultant for Big Sky Publishing

NEW! Ep15 Chelsea Davies – Debut Children’s Author

What’s it like to be have your first book published?

Debut Children’s Author Chelsea Davies takes us behind the scenes of how she got her first children’s book, ‘Come Home Ella,’ published.

If you’re an aspiring children’s author this is a much watch as we discuss both the publishing and promotion process.

Topics covered:

  • How she found her publisher.
  • How she found an illustrator
  • The illustration process.
  • The writing process.
  • The inspiration behind ‘Come Home Ella’
  • Building her author platform.
  • Her marketing strategy.
  • The most important thing to focus on in life.

Order Come Home Ella here:…
Join Chelsea here:…

Ep14 Sam Ikin – Men’s Mental Health

This was the most challenging interview I’ve done.

We discuss issues that I’m certainly not an expert in and felt uncomfortable discussing openly, but I knew it was important to bring them up. Even though I have known Sam Ikin for many years, it’s the first time I’ve asked him such personal questions about his past, which includes the suicide of his father and lasting effect that has had.

About Sam Ikin. Sam Ikin has been an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and newsreader for almost two decades, including a reporter for SBS World news and online producer for ABC News Digital in Hobart. Last year he launched Ikin Media, a broadcasting and podcasting business. Sam is also an ambassador for Butterfly Foundation, which provides support for people with eating disorders and body image issues. He’s won a stack of journalism awards for his reporting on mental health issues including a LIFE award for excellence in suicide prevention.

We discuss.

  • What is the best way we should be describing suicide?
  • How should it be reported in the media?
  • Sam talks openly about his father’s suicide and the lasting affect it’s had on him.
  • How mindfulness and meditation helps him.
  • The importance of discovering a sense of purpose.
  • Can we develop a more holistic approach Mental Health?
  • Men and body image – the myths.
  • What positive messages are there for men?
  • Sam’s advice for avoiding the negative effects of social media.
  • The most important thing to remember in life.

Find out more about Sam and his Podcasting business:

Butterfly Foundation:

If you or anyone you know needs help: Lifeline on 13 11 14 Youth Focus 6266 4333 (WA) Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978 Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 Headspace on 1800 650 890 ReachOut at Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN) on 1800 008 774

Ep13 Jan Latta – Wildlife Photographer and Children’s Author

Jan Latta swapped the corporate advertising world, for a life of adventure.

She’s a children’s author and wildlife photographer and brings the two together to create an incredible series of books for kids that highlight the importance of saving wild and endangered animals.

  • So what made her swap a life of comfort for the danger and thrill of photographing some of the worlds most dangerous animals in their native habitat?
  • How does she write and publish her books? – How did she become a photographer?
  • What’s the scariest situation Jan has been in?
  • What advice would she give to young girls who what to go on similar adventures?
  • What’s the most important thing Jan has learned by doing what she does.

Find out more about Jan and her books here:

Ep 12 Heidi Anderson – Living your best life

Every mum needs to watch this.

In this episode of Josh Langley Gets to Know, I chat with good friend of mine, Heidi Anderson about how she overcame her negative body image and low self esteem to create a life that many people can only dream of.

Heidi is now running courses to help people do what she did and shed their emotional baggage. Heidi’s being on breakfast radio in Perth, Big Brother, and has over 76,000 followers on her social media platforms. She is also a first time mum and has a podcast with her husband, “First time Parents”

We discuss:

  • The moment she first felt ashamed of her body.
  • The relationship with food and her mother. – how being a parent has changed her view of herself.
  • How to counteract the negative messages from advertising, media and social media.
  • What advice she’d give to young girls about social media and following influencers.
  • The power of vulnerability and being real.
  • What her new course ‘Shed Your Sh*t” is all about.
  • What is the most important thing in life to remember.

A couple of gentle warnings. We discuss sensitive topics like, anxiety, depression and suicide and there’s a touch of swearing. Find out more about Heidi at

Ep11 Rebecca Watson – Mental Health and Young People

How are you people faring during these Covid19 times? And what about young people’s mental health in general?

I chat with Bunbury based counsellor and clinic coordinator, Rebecca Watson to learn more about what’s going with young people and their mental health.

We discuss:

  • How are young people coping in these times.
  • What inspired Rebecca to become a counsellor.
  • The role of the counsellor – Negative effects of social media.
  • What to do to if a teen is being cyber bullied.
  • What can parents look out for in their teenagers?
  • How to instigate a conversation with your teen if you think they need help. What services are available for young people facing mental health issues.
  • Rebecca’s advice for what is the most important thing to focus on in life.

If you or anyone you know needs help: Lifeline on 13 11 14 Youth Focus 6266 4333 (WA) Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 MensLine Australia on 1300 789 978 Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467 Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636 Headspace on 1800 650 890 ReachOut at Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN) on 1800 008 774

Ep 10 Matt Glover- the courage to love Pt1.

Ep 10 Matt Glover- the courage to love Pt2.

Matt Glover has an incredible story to tell.

Unexpectedly he found himself as the poster boy in the early days of the marriage equality campaign back in 2011 along with Magda Szubanski and others. But what made Matt different, was that he was a senior pastor at a Baptist church, and it didn’t go down well with his superiors and some of the congregation.

I was holding back tears as Matt recounted his story, but I felt so glad there are people like him out there, with the courage to stand up for love despite what his religion or beliefs tell him. As part of the LGBTQI community myself, I know that Matt’s support of marriage equality would have had a huge positive impact on so many people.

Matt now runs his own counselling business, so I start off the interview by asking how people are fairing in the chaotic COVID times. Then we really get into Matt’s unique and inspiring story which is in two parts.

Find out more about Matt here: and… Remember you are loved deeply, no matter who you are.

*Trigger warning* If anything discussed in this interview raises any issues for you, please seek professional help.

• QLife – A national service that aims to keep LGBTQI communities supported and connected. Phone: 1800 184 527 (3pm–midnight AEST) Online chat (3pm–midnight AEST)

• Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800,

• Lifeline on 13 11 14

• For people who have left a faith based community and need support

Ep9. Sonia Bestulic – and the drive to thrive

Sonia Bestulic is the type of person we all wish we had as a mentor. She owns and runs a speech pathology business, writes children’s books, has her own podcast, is a public speaker and is the hub of her close nit family.

I wanted to find out exactly what is the fuel behind her passion and energy and demystify some of the misconceptions about what a speech pathologist does.

In this episode you’ll get a better understanding of:

  • What it’s like to find your passion.
  • What does a speech pathologist actually do?
  • How all kids learn differently
  • How are parents coping.
  • What’s the most important thing to know about life.

You find out more about Sonia here:

Ep8. Jonelle Fraser – Girls and Autism.

“I was shocked when I was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 46!” – Jonelle Fraser, Autism advocate and teacher.

What is autism? What are the signs? Can you be diagnosed as a adult? Why are boys diagnosed more than girls? And where does Hannah Gatsby fit into all this?

Jonelle Fraser runs a business helping families navigate the challenging initial diagnosis of autism and educates schools and teachers on how to best help students with autism.

We discuss:
• What are the appropriate terms to use?
• Jonelle’s personal story about her diagnosis
• How girls mask the signs of autism and therefore are harder to diagnose
• Biggest misconceptions about autism
• Hannah Gatsby and Yellow Ladybugs, Autistic Girls & Women organisation
• The journey of diagnosis for parents and children.
• Andrew Whitehouse – Autism expert
• The importance of Adults with autism to connect to each other.

Jonelle Fraser –
Yellow Ladybugs, Autistic Girls & Women organisation –
Andrew Whitehouse –…

Ep7. Tracey Jacobsen and how to fix a broken education system

This is must viewing for all teachers and parents.

“Schools today still focus too much on rote learning of content, regurgitation of information and standardised testing.” – Tracey Jacobsen

Often we only hear about how the education system is broken, but not how it can be fixed. High School Teacher and former Head of Pastoral Care, Tracey Jacobsen, gives us an insight into why the current system is failing many students and then offers ways we can look at education differently, including scrapping ATAR.

Did you know only about 26% of students at universities in Australia gained entry through an ATAR? Yet it seems the entire school system is mainly designed for University entrance via ATAR. So what happens to the rest of the kids?

This conversation was inspired by a speech that Tracey gave to the National Youth Commission in 2019 which was investigating school to work transitions for young people. Tracey Jacobsen has been in education for 25 years in various roles including head of Pastoral Care St Georges College in Perth and is currently Year 11 and 12 teacher at Indie School in Hobart.

Ep6. Jan Nicholls

“The arts have been the soul food that has nurtured everyone through this pandemic” – Jan Nicholls.

Jan Nicholls is the current WA President of the WA Children’s Book Council of Australia and is passionate advocate for Children’s Literature.

In a wonderful wide ranging conversation, we discuss where Jan’s passion for kid’s books came from and we hear her ideas on what role the arts should play in society. Jan speaks with passion and conviction and if we had people like her in power, we’d have a brighter and stronger art’s based society.

Other topics discussed.

  • – What does the Children’s Book Council of Australia do?
  • – Minimum wage for creatives.
  • – What advice she gives to people who ask about wanting to write a kids book. (She’s a lot more diplomatic than me)
  • – Why do people think kids books are so easy to write? – Will she ever write a kid”s book herself?
  • – Jan reveals the secret location of the 2020 CBCA Children’s Book Week gala dinner! (Subject to confirmation)
  • – What she thinks is the most important thing people to know and focus on if life.

To find out about The Children’s Book Council of Australia head to

Ep5. Dr Trish Sherwood – finding hope in a chaotic world

“There’s so much beauty in the human soul, it just needs to be uncovered” – Dr Trish Sherwood.

With so much craziness in the world at the moment, I suggest you take 30 minutes out and watch this chat I had with Somatic Psychotherapist Dr. Trish Sherwood.

It’s uplifting, inspiring and gives us all hope.

We talk about how a moment of near tragedy set her on a life path of helping people.

– We discuss the mind / body connection (Somatic)

– We talk about the importance of nature, movement and making art plays in good mental health

– What gives her the most joy. (my favourite) Find out more about Dr. Trish Sherwood’s work here:

Ep4. Michelle Mitchell Teen Expert and author of ‘Everyday Resilience’ – Finding your passion

Michelle Mitchell is the expert on all things Tweens and Teens. Her talks pack out conferences, schools and she’s always on TV giving advice to parents about how to manage the challenging teen years. Michelle is also all over social media handing out compassionate and practical advice and has written two books on resilience and one about why Teens self harm.

This is the first time Michelle has opened up about how she got to be doing what she’s doing and what motivates her. In this chat we discuss:

  • When she first realised what she wanted to do in life.
  • Why she left teaching at 24 to start a charity.
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Knowing when to quit.
  • What’s the most important thing to remember about life in general.

*Michelle’s laptop died as she finished answering the last question!

Find out more about Michelle,

Ep3 Holden Sheppard author of Invisible Boys

Award winning children’s author Josh Langley chats with people at the forefront of kid’s mental health and well-being around the world. Casual, upfront and honest, Josh finds out what motivates these people to do what they do and why they keep going.

Multi award winning author Holden Sheppard, Zoomed in on my little chat show this week where I got to know the person behind his book, Invisible Boys.

We chatted about:

  • – Why he wrote Invisible Boys in such a bold, uncensored way.
  • – How he came out to his parents (and why his Mother was almost relieved). – I even tell the story of how I came out to my Dad (Tots awkward)
  • – What is masculinity?
  • – The lingering shame felt by gay people.
  • – Current teenager’s attitudes toward to LGBTQI people.
  • – and Holden finishes off with some eternal wisdom.

Holden’s book, Invisible Boys is published by Fremantle Press and is available at all good bookstores.

Ep2. Karen Young from Hey Sigmund – Anxiety and young people

In this new episode of ‘Josh Langley gets to know’, I chat with the incredible Karen Young. Karen is a psychologist and is behind the popular Karen Young – Hey Sigmund website.

In this chat we discuss:

– Her personal story about why she’s so passionate about helping kids and their parents with anxiety.

– We bravely discuss anxiety in kids and what role parents may or may not play. If you’re a parent, this is an eye opener. I am not a parent and it was for me!

– The moment she was brought to her knees earlier this year and how she dealt with it.

Quote from Karen:

“When you’re on the right path, the path widens to take you.” You can find out more about Karen and her work at

NB: the quality is a little dodgy due to internet issues, but it’s worth hanging in there as you’ll learn heaps.

Ep1. Karalee Katsambanis author of ‘Step Parenting with Purpose’

Ep1. Josh Langley Gets to know Karalee Katsambanis author of Step Parenting with Purpose

In this episode I get to know Karalee Katsambanis who has released “Step Parenting with Purpose – Everything you wanted to know but were to afraid to ask”.

We discuss why she wrote the book, unearth a concept that blew my mind, find out what grandparents can do with their kid’s old wedding photos and discover what Karalee thinks is the most important thing to focus on in life. Please excuse my rough introduction and dodgy editing,

I can only get better as time goes on. If I waited til everything was perfect, then I’d never release anything! Please enjoy. You can order her book through here: