In Josh’s chat show he talks with people in the kid’s mental health and well-being fields to discover the person behind their work and what motivates them.

JLGTK – 2.24 Yolanda Alvares – Empowered Parenting

Part 1 of my 2-part series on parenting.

What do I know about parenting? Zilch! So I asked a couple of very different experts, but strap yourself in, this is not your common garden variety parenting advice.

  • Why Yolanda become a parenting coach.
  • Why she wasn’t showing up for her kids.
  • How she turned the idea of ‘mother’s must sacrifice everything for their family’ on it’s head and became a better mother.
  • How by becoming happier within herself, she was able to be more present for her kids.
  • How can parents be more conscious in how they parent?
  • How kids today have a different mindset than those of previous generations.
  • Yolanda’s 5 step program – from chaos to calm.
  • What lights Yolanda up?

About Yolanda: Yolanda runs Empowered Parenting and is an empowered parenting consultant & coach and author of Abundant Motherhood – Empowering Mums to Empower their Kids. Yolanda runs workshops for both parents & kids around Melbourne & online. Find out more at

Ep 2.23 Jeremy Kalbstein – The Empathy Initiative

How do you teach kids empathy especially in the online world? I chat with online expert and educator, Jeremy Kalbstein about how to help kids and parents deal with bullying online and to build empathy. It’s a complex issue and Jeremy breaks it down with simple and effective strategies. He also talks about his soon to be released program for schools ‘The Empathy Initiative’ to help build empathy, to be an upstander and explore the impact of multitasking and helping kids manage their screen time.

Ep2.21 – Laurie Steed on the unedited writers life

I take a deep dive into the myth of the writer’s life with author, mentor and journalist, Laurie Steed.

In this unflinching conversation, Laurie talks about:

• Daydreaming on a trampoline

• How an existential crisis in his mid 20’s led to a life changing epiphany.

• Writing fiction and finding the emotional truth within that space.

• What happened when Laurie’s first writing mentor stopped returning his emails.

• What makes a good writing mentor?

• About being real, authentic and vulnerable.

• How to deal with jealousy, envy and resentment.

• We chat candidly about publishers and what they look for.

• Letting go of the dream to be everyone else.

• Allowing your true self to guide your writing

• The tale of Laurie’s collection of short stories, Nova.

• The importance being stuck – Wisdom from Michael Leunig

• Being told your story sucks. • The important role a mentor can play in your life.

• What writer and poet Brigid Lowry said to Laurie, that makes him tear up to this day?

• What lights Laurie up?

Find out more about Laurie Steed, his books, writing and mentorship:

The Spotify Soundtrack to You Belong Here:…

Ep2.20 – Barry Divola – Driving Stevie Fracasso

If you love music like do, then you’re going to love this episode of Josh Langley Gets to Know.

I chat with music journo for Rolling Stone, Who Magazine and Sydney Morning Herald, Barry Divola, about his new road trip novel, ‘Driving Stevie Fracasso’.

We discuss:

• Barry’s childhood

• Where his passion for music started

• The socially inappropriate name of his first band

• Why most men stop discovering new music when they get married.

• How Barry’s trips to the US influenced the road trip in Driving Stevie Fracasso • The Spotify soundtrack to the book

• The role of music in writing

• New York, New York and Chelsea Hotel

• 9/11 and the impact it had on Barry.

• How Trent Dalton (Boy Swallows Universe) inspired Barry to finish writing the book and how he found his publisher

• What song makes Barry cry (and he does… grab your tissues)

• What new music he recommends

• What song makes me cry and my new music recommendations

• What lights Barry up.

Get a copy of Driving Stevie Fracaso from…

Barry Divola’s Tracks: Driving Stevie Fracasso Spotify playlist:…

Jason Isbell – “Elephant”:…

The Beths – “Future Me Hates Me” (live):…

Sakuran Zensen, “Taxi Man”:… Josh’s Tracks. Peter Gabriel – “Power of the Heart”: Fred again – “Marea (We’ve lost dancing)” Alter Boy –

“Bad Dream Break In”

Ep1.23 What it takes to be a successful kids author with Georgie Donaghey

Everyone in the Australian kids lit community knows Georgie Donaghey.

Georgie Donaghey has published 4 kids’ books, has been finalist for many awards and is the powerhouse behind Creative Kids Tales and the recently created Creative Kids Tales Speakers Agency.

I wanted to find out what drives Georgie to achieve so much and I get her to share some of her biggest secrets about how to make it as a kids in author in such a tough industry.

Ep1.22 Donna Mazza, author of Fauna

Donna Mazza is an extraordinary storyteller and her latest book, Fauna is no exception. An extraordinary work of speculative fiction that builds tension like a thunderstorm coming in from over the horizon.

Based on the question “What if the child that you were carrying wasn’t entirely human?”, Fauna takes the reader into uncharted territory – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Ep1.21 Elizabeth Mary Cummings – talking about the environment with kids

In this episode of Josh Langley Gets to Know, I chat with children’s author, Elizabeth Mary Cummings about her latest children’s book, Rain Shaker (illustrated by Cheri Hughes and published by Big Sky Publishing), and about why it’s important to talk about environmental issues with kids. We also discuss the state of kid’s mental health and the uncertainly they face for the future, especially for teens and young adults.

Mashup to celebrate 20 interviews! on Josh Langley Gets To Know

I’ve racked up 20 interviews so far for Josh Langley Gets to Know. Only a few months ago I didn’t even know I was going to have my own chat show! Here’s a mash up of behind the scenes with the guests, some funny moments and what gets left on the cutting room floor.