In Josh’s chat show he talks with people in the kid’s mental health and well-being fields to discover the person behind their work and what motivates them.

Ep2.19 – Kitty Black – On talking to kids about feelings, and living with ADHD

Talking about the emotional wellbeing of kids is close to my heart and that’s why this chat I had with fabulous WA kid’s author Kitty Black is so special. Kitty is about to release two books that discuss feelings and emotions, ‘Follow Your Feelings – Lucy and Sad’ and ‘Follow Your Feelings – Max and Worry’ so I wanted to get her on my show to give parents an idea on how talk to kids about feelings.

Ep2.17 – Amelia McInerney – Who Fed Zed

Amelia McInerney is on a roll! After the success of Book Chook, Bad Crab and My Bird Bertie, Amelia is back with her new book, Who Fed Zed out through Allen and Unwin. We talk about how Who Fed Zed was inspired by a personal story about food allergies, and how the writing just flowed. We also chat about how she started writing kids books, how she got her first book contract and about working with different illustrators.

Ep2.16 – David Allan-Petale, author of Locust Summer

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Locust Summer is one of the must reads for 2021 and I was lucky enough to talk to the author, David Allan Petale.

David’s life story is one of adventure, travel, discovery and inspiration and we unpack a lot of it during our conversation, including his time working as a journalist in regional WA, working a producer at the BBC in London, travelling the world, travelling around Australia with his wife and baby in a caravan and the inspiration behind Locust Summer. But we talk about so much more….. Locust Summer is out July 1 through Fremantle press:…

Ep1.20 Adam Wallace – how to make a living from writing kid’s books.

Can you make a full time living from writing kid’s books? I get to know New York Times bestselling kid’s author, Adam Wallace to find out how he swapped an engineering career to be a full time kid’s author.

He’s just created an online course package that gives all his secrets, tips and advice on how you can possibly turn your side hustle writing kids books into a full time gig including how to create awesome school presentations.

You can access Adam Wallace’s Kid’s Book Creative Capital here: Find out more about Adam Wallace:

Ep1.19 Monique Mulligan – writing about grief and loss.

It’s not often I read a book that makes me cry, but Monique Mulligan’s debut novel had me a balling mess! In fact I felt so many emotions reading it can’t easily describe them here. So take a look and see why I was so affected by ‘Wherever You Go’.

Wherever You Go is published by Pilyara Press You can contact Monique here

Ep1.18 Jeremy Kalbstein – Online Safety for kids

Online safety is one the most important issues facing parents and teachers today. I chat with Digital E-learning specialist and a primary school teacher, Jeremy Kalbstein about what parents can do to help make the online world a safer for everyone. Plus we also talk his new kids about cyber bullying ‘It’s Up to U”, illustrated by Leigh Brown and published by Empowering Resources.

For more resources and to get Jeremy’s book, go to

Ep1.17 Lisa Portolan, Co-author of Pretty Girls.

Lisa Portolan is co-author (with Samantha Macdonald) of a confronting and brave new book, “Pretty Girls” published by Big Sky Publishing.

“PRETTY GIRLS | A hard-hitting story with a big heart, a story that reaches beyond the violence against women, the darkness and defeat, the soul defying feeling of self-worth, to reclaim and empower women everywhere.”

I wanted to know what made Lisa to co-write such a book, the story behind it and what they hope people will take away from it. (Lisa’s dogs got out of the house so she had to dash off and rescue them half way through the interview, but I kept it in. I like to keep it real!)

Pretty Girls is available here:

Lisa is now also the host of Slow love Podcast.