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Josh Langley’s eagerly awaited 4th kids book drops May 2021!

BEING WILDLY KIND is an infectious, fun and hope-filled book packed full of ideas to build empathy and compassion in kids of all ages.

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Award winning children’s author Josh Langley, gives kids the tools to find their own inner resilience. Kids 4 to 12

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BSP Its OK to feel the way you feel cover ABIA 2018

It’s Ok to Feel The Way You Do, won the 2018 ABIA Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year. It’s one of the most recommended books on feelings for kids. Kids 4 to 12:

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BSP Being You is Enough Cover 300dpi RGB

Josh’s ground breaking first children’s book, Being You is Enough takes kids through the twelve most important things that a kid should know: This is a book they’ll keep for life.Kids 4 to 12:

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A unique mix of uplifting and fun cartoons and messages designed to provide a little daily inspiration on leading a happy and fulfilled life. A perfect book for all ages.

All ages:

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Josh’s Books for Grown ups

This is this perfect call to arms for anyone wanting to unleash their creative spirit, or simply find the confidence to do something different. A humorous and quirky mix of anecdotes, insights, illustrations and inspirational quotes, Find Your Creative Mojo is the perfect companion for any aspiring creative soul. Adults:

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The cult classic that started it all, Frog and the Well has been a favourite for people of all ages. Raw, honest and funny, this little book tells it like it should be with insights that helps you see life from a different perspective.

Ages 12+

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Fascinated with the afterlife since a young child, Josh Langley went on a quest to see if he could find personal evidence that life continues
after physical death. Funny, insightful and at times life changing you’ll enjoy his journey just as much as the surprising ending.Ages 15+

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Two years after writing Dying to Know, Josh Langley was left with more questions. In his signature self-deprecating humorous style, Turning Inside Out is Josh’s brave attempt to find the answers and traces his journey from chasing spirits to spirituality. If you’ve every wondered if there’s more to this life, then Turning Inside Out is the book to read. Ages 15+

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