Josh Langley

On letting fear be your guide.

So often when we feel afraid of doing something, we recoil and hide. When really, feeling that fear and walking into it is what pushes us to do amazing things.

Fear, doubt, anxiousness, trepidation – are all good signs that we’re pushing ourselves into spaces that can help us learn, grow and be better people.

To live a life less ordinary.

I’m not talking about jumping into a pit of writhing pythons or jumping out of a perfectly good plane (no friggin way!), I’m talking about writing a book, going on stage, being asked to give a lecture, quitting a job that no longer serves you, building an online course when you think you’re not qualified, sharing your artwork for the first time etc.

As Jolene Lavrick from Life Lessons Global tell kids, “I felt afraid, but I went ahead and did it anyway”.

So put the middle finger up to a life of mediocrity and show up, turn up – feel that delicious fear and discover that you really can do amazing things.  

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