Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures: Finding the good when things seem bad

Award-winning author, Josh Langley, is back with a ground-breaking book on resilience for kids. Back with his trademark quirky style that’s adored by both kids and parents, Langley tackles the serious subject of building resilience in today’s children by showing that mistakes and failures can be opportunities for learning and growth.

Good friends, positive self-talk, curiosity and wonder also become a perfect mix to give children a confident perspective on life and the foundations to step bravely into the world and try new things.

With mental health dominating headlines and front of mind of all parents, Langley’s new book offers hope and strategies for kids to find their own inner resilience and to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

This is the book on resilience that everybody wished they had as a child.

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Praise for Magnificent Mistakes

Sally Gray ND

 I read Magnificent Mistakes to my daughter last night, it’s one of her favourites, really assures her when things go wrong. That’s so valuable I can’t even begin to describe it. Thankfully I’m on your newsletter list!

– David Allan-Petale – Author of Locust Summer

“This is a gem of a book to read with all children in the hope that some of this will stick in their mind as well as to put into their hands when they are having a rough day. It will also provide a really good conversation starter about how they feel about themselves, what worries them and how they can reframe their self-talk. Perfect for primary school classrooms and homes.”

– Readplus

“A deceptively simple book with a powerful message about being true to yourself and building resilience, this book offers ways to tackle the challenge of finding the good when things seem bad and transforming mishaps into opportunities.Inspirational and positive, this book deserves a place in home and school libraries and would make an ideal gift for an anxious child.”

– Writing WA

“At a time when mental health is high on everyone’s agenda – even as it relates to children – this is a book which is sure to be on the bookshelves of psychologists as well as in classrooms and libraries. It is ideal to give to (and be read to) any child who is having problems adjusting to his or her world, perhaps feeling out of place and not knowing how to cope. It is also an ideal book to initiate discussion about relationships and how to negotiate the world.”

Dianne Bates – Buzzwords Books

I really enjoyed this book and I think it helped me realise a few ups and downs that I’ve done or been through. Reading this book made me feel happier. Some parts really made me laugh like the question ‘What are you good at?’ My reaction was ‘singing is a yes, climbing trees I dunno, eating spaghetti? Of course! It’s one of the best foods in the world!’ I laughed at the spaghetti bit. I found it funny. Another part was ‘What do you like doing?’ and I laughed at the hugging the cat bit. I like the drawings with all of the sentences. They made my day brighter. I never knew about the stars until I read it in your book. It shows the more you learn and the more you experience, the more you’ll understand the world. Thank you. 🙂

– Mollie

“Love every page of it: the colour, the wisdom: an inspirational book and a must for counsellors, teachers , parents and anyone working with children.”

 – Dr. Patricia Sherwood (PhD, BA, BSW, Grad Dip Counselling)

“In a world where kids are constantly pushed to achieve and succeed, where school is largely (sadly) focused on testing, comparing and ranking, all kids need to know that mistakes are how we grow! Failure is a healthy part of the process of learning. Josh Langley sums these key messages up in his cheekily illustrated new children’s book “Magnificent Mistakes & Fantastic Failures”. Most profoundly, the phrase “YOU are important to the world” highlights that we all have self-doubt and challenges at times, but YOU matter a lot.”

Amy Cox – Founder Protecting Childhood.

“WOW, a little book with the potential to have a big impact on children of all ages. It really helps normalise emotional well-being and the strategies to help. The simple drawings and supportive text allows access for all students. A must for every emotional toolbox!”

Shirley James-Sharry – Tips & Adjustments for an Inclusive Education.

A wonderfully bright and quirky book, that oozes the practical building blocks of resilience, self-empowerment, self-acceptance and emotional regulation. Important themes weaved together with skill, honesty and humour that both kids and adults will enjoy with a big smile on their face.

Sonia Bestulic – Children’s Author & Speech and Language Pathologist

“Josh’s new book explodes with colour and charisma, and playfully sheds light on the role mistakes have in building resilience. It’s a must have resource for parents or caring adults who want to champion a growth mindset in children.

Michelle Mitchell – Parenting Author, Speaker, Educator

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More praise for Magnificent Mistakes

“When all seems awry, a book such as this brings back a sense of, “It is actually all okay”. I love this book and the ideas it holds within its covers. There should be a copy on every bookshelf. From grandchild to grandparent, there is wisdom and a chuckle for all.”

– Leonie Pearce, Primary School Educator.

“How wonderful.. a book that builds resilience in children, that turns manure into flowers… Love every page of it: the colour, the wisdom: an inspirational book and a must for counsellors, teachers , parents and anyone working with children.”

Dr. Patricia Sherwood Child Psychologist

“Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures is going to set the world alight with love, self-love….the MOST important kind. Josh Langley has done it again, by creating a work of art in a book that will speak right into the heart of our kids to support them when they need it most. After a mistake or a failure, this book will be there, stored in a child’s mind like a subconscious holding their hand, to help guide them into self acceptance and help them move forward.”

Joelene Lavrick, B.A (Psychology), GradDipEd and Founder of Life Lessons Australia

“I LOVE this book.
Helping our young people feel good about themselves in a way they can understand and connect…… Josh has a unique talent for getting his message across to children of all ages( and even adults). Not fitting in, feeling different, making mistakes and feeling a failure……powerful and important messages for children presented in a colourful and entertaining way. A book that needs to be in every school and library.”

– Debbie Cann, Retired Music, Values and Health teacher

Congratulations on your new literary masterpiece! Just when I thought I had read the last love letter to your younger self you open another window into the world of Josh. Such honest and kind words of advice. Guidance for all in your signature style. A must read for everyone!”

– Jonelle Fraser, Education Consultant & Advocate

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