I was a guest on the Campfire Project with Angela Heise.

I this frank interview I talk about how I got to be doing what I do, why I keep quitting jobs, the secret to creating the life you want and I make Angela cry. Well worth watching!

Podcast takeover on Words and Nerds Podcast about publishing

Webinar on kindness in the workplace with Pro Forum Community

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Bunbury Herald 16/6/2021
Fremantle Herald 18/6/2021

Guest on Chatabout Children Podcast.

Podcast Guest on Reset Hub

Josh inspires children to become more aware of their thoughts and emotions and make friends with themselves. His books are beautifully written and are loved by parents and children around the world.This episode should come with a warning – be prepared to challenge your beliefs and values and consider life from a different perspective. Our conversation touches on everything from managing daily distractions, the failings of conventional education, to the afterlife. Josh tells a remarkable story of how curiosity enabled him shift from feeling trapped and confined, to living with freedom and purpose.

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Podcast interview with Life on the Spectrum

This week we speak to WA children’s author Josh Langley on the importance of being not only kind but WILDLY kind and also Josh talks about his new online course for kids Here I Am!

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Chat about kids’ mental and emotional wellbeing with Heather Ray

Heather Ray from My Wellbeing School discuss children’s mental and emotional health. I also may have prematurely released the name of my upcoming course!

Guest on ‘Life on the Spectrum with Jessie Aiton’

Jessie speaks to award winning children’s author Josh Langley on how kids can make friends with themselves.

Guest on ABC Perth Radio ‘Focus’ with Jess Strutt

I was on a panel discussion about rejection on ABC Perth radio with Jess Strutt. 13/20/2020

Interview with Imani the Author for their Booktoberfest series 5/10/2020

Feature story in South Western Times 6/08/2020

Interview with Barry Nichols on ABC Perth Radio

I was on ABC Perth radio with Barry Nichols talking about how I struggled to launch Magnificent Mistakes during the pandemic and in the end had to take the advice of my own book! 

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Interview with Sonia Bellhouse Author

“I met Josh and his partner Andy, at the Rockingham Writers’ Convention last year. I was slightly star-struck, after reading Find Your Creative Mojo. They are charming and loads of fun to chat with.  Josh has walked the walk, which gives his books such power to help children and adults while dealing with their anxieties ….”- Keep reading

Stories on Stage at Koorliny Arts Centre

Q & A With Melinda Tognini Author 5/5/2020

Bunbury Herald 5/5/2020

Interview with Dillo on Spirit 621 South West

Interview with Allan and Michelle on HIT WA

Red Loosey Podcast guest (with vision)

GWN News feature on Bullying

Guest on Let’s Figure This Out Podcast

LFTO x Josh Langley Part.1

On the podcast today we are joined by Josh Langley, he is an award winning children’s author, illustrator and freelance copywriter, and has also written books for adults that teach them to get out of their own way and find their creative mojo, as well as books that delve into the questions of is there something after this? Josh does workshops for kids and primary schools and is honestly just a great guy too talk to about a lot of things

Listen to part one:

Interview with Imani the Author

Guest on Chatabout Children Podcast with Sonia Bestulic

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Guest on Reasons Not to Die Podcast with Sam Ikin

Guest on Finding Elara Podcast

Radio Interview with Alan Aldworth on Triple M

Interview after winning ABIA Small Publisher’s Book of the Year 2018

Guest on Two Skinny Lattes Web series.

Short Film by ABC Open on about my hobby investigating the afterlife.