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My new kids book is now out!

I’m excited as a kid with an ice-cream that my new kid’s book, about gratitude is now in bookshops!

It’s called Thank You – how to turn a grey day into a Yay day.

Thank You is not just a book; it’s a guide that empowers children to discover the joy that gratitude brings.

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Award-winning author Josh Langley is back with another little book packed with BIG messages of self-help and self-esteem.

In Thank You, his brightest and boldest work yet, Langley tackles the serious subject of teaching children gratitude and how to self-regulate those big feelings. With mental health dominating headlines, the ability to turn a grey day into a ‘Yay’ day, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety is a powerful lifelong gift – especially if learnt early!

Bursting with joy and hope, this book is the perfect antidote for growing anxiety in young minds. Packed with practical ideas, the book is a lively guide for children to understand the potency of their words and actions. Breaking down the process of self-regulation into simple and engaging steps. Langley illustrates how a change of thought can make the world a brighter and happier place and improve not only how You feel, but also the person they’re showing gratitude for.

Thank You empowers kids to discover their own superpower and find strength in their words and actions.

Order Signed copies from me directly

Buy at Booktopia

Buy at Amazon

Or order at your local bookshop

Go on tour with Josh

I’m about to hit the road to promote my latest kids book, Thank You: How to turn a grey day into a yay day. I’d love to see you and your kids at one of the events.

Click on the link below to book your spot.

May 4th – Paper Bird Books (with James Foley!)

May 11th – Busselton Library

(Dymocks Busselton)

May 13 – Bunbury Library

(Collins Booksellers Bunbury)

May 19th – Melville Library

(Type Face Books )

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