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New workshop to help parents help their kids understand their big feelings

My brand-new workshop, It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do Parent Workshop, is designed to help parents better understand and support their children’s big emotions.
Divided into 2 parts, the 1-hour workshop starts off with helping parents recognise their own emotions and then provides simple ways on how to best show up and support their kids.
The workshop is based on my award-winning children’s book of the same name and uses plain, simple language and concepts, so all parents feel included and empowered.
While there’s lots of brain science behind what I say, I speak directly to the heart of parents, so they genuinely feel heard and supported and know exactly what they can do. 
Tricia Ward, co-ordinator from Child and Parent Centre Carey Park said this about the workshop:
“I absolutely loved it and believe that our families will too. I really enjoy the way that you present and share information from the perspective of what your 8-year-old self needed to know to feel safe in the world. I think this approach reduces shame as every adult was 8 once, and there are so many things that we would like to tell our younger selves – your way of framing the information allows parents/carers to get in touch with their inner child, which creates an empathic space for connecting with other people.”
The It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do Parent Workshop is available for childcare centres, playgroups, child wellbeing centres, parenting organisations and any organisation that help support parents and their young children.
Also available to staff training.
Cost: Bunbury and Collie areas: $350
Areas outside of Bunbury Collie: $400.
Virtual: $350


9 Skills That Could Change Your Child's Life for the Better!

Insights from an award winning children's author

In this highly informative presentation, award winning children’s author and child wellbeing advocate Josh Langley, shares what skills primary school aged kids should be learning that will have the biggest impact on their life.
Josh talks about the challenges he faced growing up, how his life changed after writing his first children’s book, and what he learned after spending 6 years talking to child health experts, teachers and parents about what kids really need to learn.
And he shares resources that you can start using straight away.
Duration: 1 and half hours.
This is a must for all parents and educators. 

Book Josh Langley to talk at your local library or creative a special parent evening at your primary school. Book here

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