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Parents and Kids BIG Feelings Workshop

A simple workshop to help you support your kids’ big feelings.

I’m Josh Langley and I’m going to show you a simple way you can help your kids with their big feelings and emotions and more importantly, you won’t be triggered yourself! 

In 2 short hours you’ll have new simple strategies to help your kids understand their big feelings and emotions and you’ll get to know your big feelings too so there’s less frustration, anger, confusion and WTF moments! 

You’ll enjoy more peace, understanding, important conversations and insights and there’ll be more love for your kids and more love for yourself. 

Life is complicated and busy enough and it’ll be nice to have a simple way to help you and your kids through big feelings which will make life easier and less stressful.

While primary schools are starting to talk about emotions, it’s in the home that the rubber hits the road. So who is then teaching parents about emotions so they can help their kids? 

That’s what I do and what this workshop is all about. 

This is a two part workshop, the first part is for you to watch yourself and is about learning about your own feelings and then how to best show up for your kids. 

Then the second part is for you to watch with your kids (at your own pace) so they learn about their own big feelings in a safe and fun way. 

There’s no time limit, you can dip in and out when it suits you.

So if your child is aged between 4 and 12, this will be life changing for both you and them.   


“It was such a huge relief to find you and your incredible work!" - Sarah mum of 2.

The Parent and Kids Big Feeling Workshop covers:

Part 1

💪 How to check in with yourself and notice what you’re feeling.

💪 Very simple ways to bring yourself to a level of calm – Phew!

💪 How to create a safe space. 

💪 How to acknowledge your kid’s feelings. 

💪 Simple ideas and strategies to help your kids through their big feelings. 

Part 2

💪 Introduce your kids to their own feelings. 

💪 How they can understand and know what to do with big feelings like anger, sadness and anxiety. 

💪 Gives your kids long term emotional regulation skills.

💪 You’ll feel calmer and happier. 


"Nailed it !! That's the most succinct demonstration of the art of helping/counselling I've ever seen. To be listened to by someone who isn't judging, offering their advice or interrupting [!!] is a true gift. And the PATS acronym says it all." - Mike Armstrong, school teacher.

Key awesome things about the workshop

💪 Short videos.

💪 No homework!  

💪 Do at your own pace.

💪 Quick and easy to implement tips. 

💪 Easy way to calm the family farm!

💪 Full access for the whole family for a whole year.

💪 PDF tips and summary pages to download and refer to. 


Please note:

The workshop is not a quick fix for children with disruptive behavioural issues and is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counselling or medical treatment. If a parent has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing, they should seek medical treatment from a qualified professional.

How Parents and Kids BIG Feelings was developed

Parents and Kids BIG Feelings workshop was developed from Josh Langley’s in-person workshop of the same name and inspired by his award winning children’s book on feelings, It’s OK to Feel the Way You Do, which won the Australian Book Industry Award for Small Publisher’s Children’s Book of the Year in 2018. 

The workshop also incorporates Josh’s ‘less is more’ philosophy and he has the ability to simplify big emotional regulation concepts into simple easy to understand and carry out strategies – even in the butter bean aisle at Coles!

His philosophy is also reflected by parenting experts such as Maggie Dent, Dr Justin Coulson, Michelle Mitchell and Karen Young. 

“It really doesn’t take as near as much to intervene well with children and support their wellbeing, than it does much further down the track. Not only will it save us money, but we’ll have these wonderful, brilliant children who will achieve their full potential.”

Take a test drive below

Part 1

For Parents - 45 mins

(4 videos | 2 Downloads | Estimated time 45 minutes
Pour a cuppa and settle in for some lifechanging viewing. Be aware that there are some points in the first two videos some might find triggering. I refer to childhood trauma in video 1 and I touch on the importance of not ignoring our feelings in video 2 which you may find challenging depending on your upbringing.
Take your time and be kind to yourself. ❤️
Remember you are the most important person here. 

Further Reading

Pages – all

Part 2

For Parents and kids to watch together - 1 hour
(or watch at your own pace)

We all have feelings, they’re part of us and they are what makes us human! So whatever feeling you’re feeling at any given moment is completely normal as feelings and emotions are normal 
Let’s watch Josh explain how you can make friends with all your big feelings so you feel a lot better about yourself. 

available with full version

Available with full version

available with full version

Video available with full program


Also suggest was that your child ground themselves by asking them 4 things that can hear, see, touch and smell. 

About Josh Langley

Josh Langley is an award-winning children’s author and kids mental health advocate. For 10 years he’s been creating books, programs and school talks to help make talking to kids’ about mental health easy.  He simplifies big topics such as self-acceptance, emotional regulation, and resilience into simple easy to understand language that all kids can understand.

His work is used by schools, child psychologists, speech therapists and occupational therapists around Australia.

Read more about Josh 

What parents and kids are saying

"OMGoodness … I’m absolutely loving the workshop. This is where I love the simplicity of it. You explain it in simple terms, where it doesn’t matter what level you are at, everyone can understand it. I don’t need to be going to Google every 5 minutes to try and work out what you are saying … it just makes sense. And the messages are sooo important. I’m loving the fact that even though it is an hour long, it has been broken down into smaller size videos, so for the busy, time poor person, they can just commit to one video at a time and sail through the workshop. Everyone can find time to commit to just 20mins. Great work Josh. This is certainly going to impact many people’s lives for the better."

"I think it was done great. After doing so many of Deb Woods courses for me it was revision, but for so many parents who have not done the incredible years programs or the tuning into kids/teens, I definitely think this would be a great activity to sit down with their kids to talk and recognise emotions with their kids. The activities were simple and to the point."

"Great stuff. Great presentation style. Fabulous content."

"The videos were fun and engaging- my son and I loved watching them together."

“The workshop is a great easy way to open up communication with a child/your child about emotions, particularly the challenging emotions we all feel from time to time. It is delivered in a personal and engaging way, in bite size doses that are perfect for maintaining the attention and interest of a primary school aged child. We enjoyed it. As a parent the initial parent part of the workshop if very affirming and supportive. It is a great basis for feeling prepared and equipped, to being able to confidently enjoy the second part of the workshop with your child.” "The conversations and reflections that came up for us when exploring examples of when each of us had felt those BIG challenging feelings was invaluable. Both in the insight it gave as a parent to my child, but also the connection it gave between us in sharing experiences and for my child feeling supported, safe and loved in his process of sharing. It felt good and rewarding”.

“It was cool. I liked the little activities. I liked the points that were covered, they were a good reminder and the cartoon drawings on the videos. Other parents should do it with their kids too, because I enjoyed it and it was a good reminder”.

"I’ve watched the parent half and my fave part is that you provided a key takeaways pdf. I have printed it to put on the fridge!"

"Love your ideas, style and your personality which you bring to the videos. The information is relatable to parents and kids. I would recommend your videos, books and courses to other homeschoolers and neurodivergent families. And thank you! for creating this content about feelings and emotions and making it accessible to homeschooling communities."

"Josh has nailed it with simplicity and compassion. The workshop reminds us we are human and he has effectively communicated the messages and things we need to hear as parents in just the right size portions. No long lectures just great information for time poor parents."

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“It's good because I like the videos and it’s easy. They are funny, interesting and incredible,"


A: Parents and caregivers – any age. Kids, age 4 to 12

A: I don’t get specific, because I want all kids to relate to what I’m saying, I keep things very generalised.

A: Yes definitely. Lots of autistic kids are using the program with their families. It’s even being used by a specialist school for autism in Queensland. 

A: The videos in part 2 do contain some basic animation, but nothing that would be considered intense. I’d suggest watching the preview videos to get an idea of what the graphics and animations look like. And no there are no loud noises or sound effects.

A: Yes. EVERY child and adult will be a better person after they can understand and make friends with their feelings

A: Yes! The videos come with closed captions.


Inspiring Kids is not a quick fix for children with disruptive behavioural issues and is not intended to take the place of professional therapy, counselling or medical treatment. If a parent has any concerns about their child’s wellbeing, they should seek medical treatment from a qualified professional.

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