Welcome to my photographic gallery space

I’ve set this up while I think about finding an actual physical space as I’ve always loved the thought of holding my own exhibition. As with any gallery, all the images are available to purchase as either the print itself or already framed through create on demand site Redbubble.

Artist statement

I normally work with words, but I’m more comfortable using photography as a medium. I want to provide a space for people to temporarily suspend their internal monologue and be immersed in that moment or the feeling that the image evokes.

How to purchase

Click on each photo to go the Reddbubble site where you can then select from the different options. The prints by themselves start from $14 and is set as set as default. The below are examples of the framed prints.




mists of long framed

Mists of Lojong received Highly Commended at the Dardanup Art Spectacular 2018. Click to browse purchase options










banged up piano framed

Banged Up



The Pink of it all

The Pinks of it All



chair and window as framed

Chair and Window. Light.



Jetty Dreaming as framed

Jetty Dreaming



beetle bum up framed

Beetle Bum Up is only available in one size.



view from fence with frame

Across the Valley