Being Wildly Kind (Personally Signed)

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If you want your kids to grow up with empathy for other people, animals, and the environment, then Being Wildly Kind is a great place to start.

So instead of pulling wings off flies and pushing little kids over in the playground, they’ll learn to walk a mile in other people’s shoes and understand what empathy really means.

And they’ll learn how they can make a big difference in the world, by just doing the smallest things.

Being Wildly Kind is a great conversation starter with your kids and full packed full of ideas that you can start working on straight away.

Get ready to be wildly kind!

Published by Big Sky Publishing and Simon and Schuster


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4 reviews for Being Wildly Kind (Personally Signed)

  1. – Sonia Bestulic, Children’s author, Speech Pathologist, Podcaster of Chatabout Children

    “Deeply impactful. Simply wise. Strongly connecting. Universally embracing. Thank you, Josh, for making kindness the world saving superhero; accessible by us all.”

  2. Michelle Mitchell, award-winning speaker, and bestselling parenting author.

    “Josh helps kids unleash their ‘wildly kind’ heart with this practical and gorgeously illustrated children’s book. It’s a timely message that all of our kids need!”

  3. Karen Young, Hey Sigmund.

    ‘Wildly Kind’ is wildly beautiful and engaging, with a message that will open hearts and grow minds. Josh uses his characteristic warmth and wit, and gorgeous illustrations to invite young readers (and older ones) into a world made softer, richer, and more connected by kindness. It is a thoughtful, empowering, fun exploration of the power of kindness, and the potential for all children to discover their own power to build a kinder world.’

  4. Karalee Katsambanis – Author of Stepparenting With Purpose, Mum of 3, TV and radio commentator, columnist

    “The children’s book world without Josh Langley, would be like the beach without a squabwabble. Put simply, something would always be missing. ‘Being Wildly Kind’, demonstrates the very essence of why everyone needs this book for their home and their lives.“

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