Kid’s Mental Wellbeing Bundle

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The Ultimate Kid’s Mental Wellbeing Bundle.

Now you can buy Josh Langley’s award winning Being You is Enough book series and new look Inspiring Kids @ Home Program together as a bundle! Together they make an easy yet powerful way to help support your child’s long term mental and emotional wellbeing. Early prevention is paramount in making sure that your kids are trained to spot early signs of mental health issues and seek appropriate help.  This bundle aims to help them do that.

Bundle includes:

✅ 2 years full family access to Inspiring Kids @ Home program.

✅ Award winning 5 book, Being You is Enough book series.

At a glance:

✅ Suitable for ages 4 to 12

✅ Simple and easy to use early mental health prevention resources.

✅ Used by primary schools, child health professionals and families around the country.

✅ Ideal for kids with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety and learning differences.

✅ The simplest way to support your child’s long term mental and emotional wellbeing

✅ Books and program can be used together or separately.

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About the Being You is Enough Series:

The ultimate package of Josh Langley’s ‘Being You is Enough’ collection, all in one place, and custom signed. (AUSTRALIA ONLY)

Includes personally signed copies of

1 x Being You is Enough

1 x It’s OK to Feel the Way You Do

1 x Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures.

1 x Being Wildly Kind

1 x How to be a Wonder Hunter

1 x Postage and Handling. (AUSTRALIA ONLY)

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About Inspiring Kids @ Home program:

Video based program designed to provide long term mental and emotional foundations in children, including:

✅ Build confidence

✅ Build self-esteem

✅ Help kids manage thoughts and feelings

✅ Make friends with who they are

✅ Build resilience and empathy


👉 Presented by award winning children’s author Josh Langley.

👉 Simple fun activities.

👉 Self-paced, so you can do it as fast or slowly as you like.

👉 Repeat as often as you want.

👉 Go back and watch the videos on demand at any time.

👉 Whole family licence for 2 years!

👉 9 modules, 26 videos + Bloopers!

👉 Can be accessed from any device with internet access or WiFi

Inspiring Kids is a simple READ | WATCH | DO program.

READ the introduction to each module

WATCH the videos of Josh Langley

DO the fun, simple activities


“It was such a huge relief to find you and your incredible work! I came home after a particularly hard school drop of with my daughter who is 9. I was in tears and desperate to find something to help her as she struggles with Dyslexia and high anxiety. Thankfully I stumbled across you and your wonderful work. It has been a beacon of light!!”

– Sarah

“My kids learned a lot about themselves and how to look after their own mental health and wellbeing”

– Sara

“It’s good to have a program for home schoolers to access because as right now there is almost nothing on acceptance.”

– Ruth

“The kids laughed and laughed and laughed! Now they are looking forward to the next one too ”

– Lisa

“Soph keeps asking to do the next module and loves the humour!”

– Megs

“I didn’t even need to think about it, I just decided to sign up straight away. What an awesome resource this is for kids and families.”

– Lisa

“I was googling ideas to maximise my sons funding and thought it would really help both of our kids.”

– Kim

“I come across your website while doing a bit of parenting research for my children. We have a couple of diagnosis – ADHD and ASD and I took your site to our NDIS plan manager to see if we could utilise this as home help, looking forward to getting started with the kids.”

– Jas

“I can vouch for his home program being fantastic, we have really enjoyed doing it together – would highly recommend”

– Samantha

“We love the program. One of the cool things Daisy said about it was that she really liked hearing stories that sound like her, especially the imagination and daydreaming video”

– Kitty

“Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter.”

– Karen Young, Children’s anxiety expert and founder of Hey Sigmund.


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