“Reading this felt like I had a life coach in my head: “You go, girl!”, “You’ve got this!” and “You can do it!”. 

Josh Langley writes from the perspective of someone who’s found his creative mojo and is going for it every way he can. I enjoyed the self-deprecating humour, the insights into his own challenges and doubts, mostly, the gentle and firm way (yes, it’s a paradox but it’s true) he coaxes people into believing in themselves.

As someone trying to live the creative life, but struggling with self-doubt and perfectionism now and then, this was a refreshing reminder to stop comparing and just BE my creative self.” , Monique Mulligan, author (from Goodreads) 5 Stars

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Thanks for coming today….I really enjoyed your story and after purchasing “Find your creative mojo” this afternoon…..I didn’t procrastinate and had a binge read fest and I proud to say I read it already from front cover to back….I feel inspired and the urge to finish off some of my art pieces, talk to the flowers and expand my creative journey. Thank you” – Nicole Ward. 

“G’day Josh – you’re creativity book arrived in the post yesterday. I stayed up way too late reading it. I blame you for lack of productivity today!! Seriously, it looks awesome. Well done on getting it out there.” – Matt Glover

“If you’re looking for a ‘recipe’ book, or a ‘how to be creative’ book, you won’t find it here. What you will find is a gentle, humorous, inspirational book giving you a bit of a nudge to recognise and express who you really are; why its so critical to your well being to allow your creative kid come out to play; and how to overcome all the road blocks you put in your way. A beautiful book with an important message for all of us” – Kathy Day

Feedback from Karen Lowry

“I think I have found my creative Mojo!” – Reading, Writing and Riesling (Carol Seeley)


“The book is funny, inspiring, and unputdownable for anyone trying to find their creative voice.” Chris Ilsley 882 6PR

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