Inspiring Kids Schools Edition is a kid friendly social emotional learning (SEL) program featuring fun and visually stimulating videos and activities aimed at developing self -acceptance, emotional awareness, mental resilience, creative expression and empathy for primary school aged children from Years 1 – 6.

It’s a simple play and activate program, that requires no training and little prior preparation time.

Special Education Classes

Inspiring Kids is suited for special education classes as it’s easily accessible for students with Autism, anxiety ADHD, ADD, dyslexia, physical disability, a chronic illness or learning difference, or students who feel they just don’t fit in for whatever reason. 

Inspiring Kids is currently being used by: Bunbury Baptist College, Burrendah Primary School Perth, St Mary’s Primary School Merredin, Kingston Primary School, Australind, Josiah College, Gold Coast, Amaroo Primary School Collie, Micah Inclusion Autism specialist service, Bunbury and the list is growing. 


I know you run a tight classroom and every moment you have is precious. The last thing you need is another SEL program that takes a large chuck of time to learn, to plan and implement.

Introducing Inspiring Kids Program for primary schools – a fun and interactive social emotional learning video-based program that’s super easy to roll out in the classroom. Your students will love it and you’ll feel good you’ve included the SEL part of the curriculum for the day without having to get stressed.

No training is required, and each video lesson / activity takes only 10 to 20 minutes of class time and yes, it integrates with the health and wellbeing part of the Australian curriculum and can be used to reinforce existing SEL programs.

SEL should be fun, not a headache. Keep reading for more good news.


Josh Langley's Inspiring Kids Program features:

  • 27 videos lessons between 2 and 6 minutes each
  • Each video lesson comes with a fun and simple writing / drawing activity or conversation starter
  • Additional activity suggestions are also provided
  • Comes with detailed lesson planner and program overview
  • Program has option to be paperless if students have their own workbooks
  • Whole program can be used across all years or can be used for certain year levels 
  • Integrates with the health and wellbeing part of the Australian curriculum along with Arts and English
  • No training required
  • Play and Activate
  • Complements existing SEL, Mindfulness and PBS programs
  • Comes with whole school 12 month license
  • Includes bonus blooper reel!
"It was an absolute pleasure to watch you in action at KPS, you DO inspire kids every day 💜 I am so excited to start using your program next year"
Kate Black, Special Needs Education Assistant, Kingston Primary School


Course Video Sample

Inspiring Kids Schools Edition is divided into four modules. It can be targeted at different age groups (years 1 to 6) or it can be completely rolled out to to all year levels.

And while it integrates with the health and wellbeing part of the Australian curriculum, it doesn’t get bogged down in complex jargon and exclusive language like most SEL programs. You’ll be able to easily explain it and share it with parents and the lessons taught in school can then be reflected at home.

The series is presented by award winning and inspirational children’s author, Josh Langley, who’s been labelled, ‘the best role model for our next generation’. Josh is the author of the ground-breaking Being You is Enough book series that is used by teachers, schools, child psychologists, therapists, hospitals, speech pathologists and specialist educators.


For teachers and schools: 

  • Plug and play.
  • No training required.
  • Little preparation time.
  • Simply play the short video to the whole class via the Smart TV or Interactive Whiteboard and complete the activity.
  • Short lessons (only 10 to 20 minutes).
  • Fits into the Australian Health and Wellbeing Curriculum. 
  • Comes with complete lesson planner, activity suggestions and conversation starters.
  • Can complement existing SEL  and Positive Behaviour Support programs or be used as a stand alone program. 

For students:

  • Short visually engaging videos. 
  • Short fun, simple writing or drawing activities.
  • Key messages delivered in a clear easy to understand manner for any comprehension level including those with ASD or learning difficulties. 
  • No new terms, language or frameworks to learn, understand or unpack. 
  • Students will look forward to ‘time with Josh’! 
  • Includes letter for parents to know more about the program.
  • Inspiring Kids Home Edition is available to reinforce generalised learning of the curriculum. 


"The message you are giving to kids and adults through your wonderful books, online presence and programmes is priceless ✨ You sure are…“a rainbow in someone’s cloud’"

Katie Mitchell, Supporting children with learning differences, Kingston Primary

“At a time when our students are in most need of emotional resilience and positive mental attitudes, many schools are faced with tighter budgets and crowded curricula. Josh Langley's 'Inspiring Kids', with its complete approach to a simple and easy to implement program, as well as a reasonable cost, will be very welcome.“

Sue Warren Head of Library Services Redeemer Lutheran College, Rochedale.

“Having worked with thousands of children over the decades; I know kids need this! Josh has developed a program that sets kids up to develop crucial and foundational life skills. The modules are highly engaging, and personable; with content that really speaks to children’s hearts and minds. With the Josh Langley trademark quirks, and fun; you won’t find another program like it; it truly is one of a kind”

Sonia Bestulic, Author, Speech & Language Pathologist, Podcaster of Chatabout Children

“I've used Josh's books in so much of my teaching. His simple, genuine and entertaining way of explaining feelings to kids and adults alike is pure genius. I'm very excited about his new program, where his magic way of teaching kindness and self-awareness continues”

Sally Young, Primary School Teacher

"I love how simple it is and how easy it will be for teachers (and schools) to implement."

Shannon Crozier, Dean of Year 4, 5 and 6 at Josiah College - Specialist Autism school.

"Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter."

Karen Young, Children's anxiety expert and founder of Hey Sigmund.

INSIDE THE PROGRAM (year levels are a suggestion only)

  • Video – We all have feelings (3:48) Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Video – When we feel sad (5:01) Simple self-awareness activity.
  • Video – When we feel angry (6:24) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – When we feel anxious (4:53) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – The power of gratitude (4:25) + writing exercise.
  • Video – Discover your wildly kind power (1:55) Simple awareness activity.
  • Video – Being Wildly Kind to people (5:25) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Real reason not to be mean (Don’t bully people) (3:48) no activity.
  • Video – Being Wildly Kind to Animals (2:45) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – Being Wildly kind to the planet (6:11) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Real power of being Wildly Kind (3:36) + Self-reflection exercise.
  • Video – Power of daydreaming and imagination (6:37) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – Mistakes can be magnificent (3:52) Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Video – Failing can be fantastic (5:42) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Problems don’t have to be…. Problems! (5:32) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – How to avoid overthinking (4:51) + simple writing exercise.
  • Video – How to be brave (5:57) + simple writing exercise.
  • Video – You are Important to the world (3:49) no activity.
  • Video – Even cool kids have to poo (3:27) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – It’s Ok to be Different (3:27) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – No-one is perfect (4:40) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – Every ‘body’ is just fine the way they are (3:14) + Self-reflection activity.
  • Video – Being You is Enough (3:36) + self-reflection activity.
  • Video – Knowing your thoughts (5:41) + Breathing exercise.
  • Video – How to change your thoughts (4:18) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – Making friends with yourself (3:18) + Conversation starter and writing exercise.
  • Video – When you feel all alone (3:48) + Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.


  • Comprehensive lesson planner
  • Activity suggestions and conversation starters
  • Downloadable activity sheets and lesson summaries.
  • 12 Affirmation Posters
  • FREE bonus blooper reel!
  • FREE 21 Conversation Starters guide
  • Notification and early access to program updates and companion products.
*Also all modules can also be rolled out to all years if you choose. 

About Josh Langley


Josh Langley was told he would amount to nothing in life, having failed high school (twice) and being unemployed for several years, but that didn’t stop Josh from becoming a multi award-winning radio copywriter and award-winning children’s author.

Josh’s debut children’s book, Being You is Enough changed the trajectory of his life. Written as a love letter to his 8-year-old self, it’s message of self-acceptance and love resonated with kids and parents around the world. He went on to publish 9 books and in 2018 won the Australian Book Industry Awards Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of Year, for his second children’s book It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do (Big Sky Publishing 2017).

Now his ground-breaking children’s books, programs and school talks on self-acceptance, resilience, understanding emotions and kindness, are helping thousands of kids make friends with themselves.

Josh’s work is loved by kids, parents, schools, libraries, child psychologists, counsellors, therapists, speech pathologists, education support experts and child disability advocates. 

Josh is the ambassador for the Children’s Tumour Foundation and Camp Quality. He was voted a Westfield Local Hero for the work he does with CTF and was a finalist in the WA Mental Health Awards in the Lived Experience and Inspiration category.