One of Australia’s easiest primary school SEL programs!

👉 No complicated lessons!

👉 No mountains of boring paperwork!

👉 No bored students!

👉 No stressed teachers!

What is Inspiring Kids @ School?

Inspiring Kids @ School – Student Wellbeing Program promotes key aspects of SEL in a really simple kid friendly way, with a big focus on self-regulation of thoughts and emotions, nurturing resilience and fostering kindness, empathy and creativity. It has been developed and presented by award winning children’s author and child mental health advocate Josh Langley. After studying quite a few SEL programs and talking to teachers, Josh realised schools needed an easier and more flexible way to teach core SEL subjects.

SEL made simple

Inspiring Kids @ School – Student Wellbeing Program is designed to be a simple play and activate program, using short engaging videos, easy to read books and simple fun activities. The lessons can be short (as short as 10 minutes) or a teacher can expand it out to 20 or 30 minutes. 

SEL made flexible

Inspiring Kids @ School – Student Wellbeing Program puts teachers and students first by entrusting teachers to deliver the program in the best way to achieve effective outcomes for their students.
The program is completely flexible and can be adapted to suit each teacher’s classroom, teaching style and student dynamic.
It can be delivered to the whole class, small groups or used in one-on-one sessions.
Special Needs Education Assistants are already using the program with small groups and one on ones to instigate important conversations.

Inspiring Kids @ School - at a glance

👧 Kid and classroom friendly
🖍 9 modules covering key SEL aspects.
🎥 Fun and engaging videos
✏ Simple fun activities
📖 5 x Companion books to deepen engagement and conversations.
💻The program is self-contained with all videos, summary sheets, activity sheets and further reading guide all nestled under each module in the online program.
🏫 Suitable for years P – 6
Inspiring Kids @ Home is a simple, READ | WATCH | Do program
✅ READ the introduction to each module.
✅ WATCH the videos of Josh Langley.
✅ DO the simple, fun activities.
✅ PLUS have awesome insightful conversations.

Modules and Topics covered

Module 1: Self – awareness

(2 videos | 2 Activities)

Module 2: Big Feelings

(4 videos | 3 activities)

Module 3: Talking about feelings

(1 video | 1 activity)

Module 4: Self-acceptance

(5 videos | 4 activities)

Module 5: Resilience

(4 videos | 3 activities)

Module 6: Self Esteem

(3 videos | 2 activities)

Module 7: Gratitude

(1 Video | 1 activity)

Module 8: Creativity and imagination

(1 video | 1 activity)

Module 9: Kindness and empathy

(5 videos | 3 activities)


1 video lots of fun!

Key Benefits

For teachers and schools: 

  • Play and activate
  • No training required.
  • Little preparation time.
  • Simply play the short video to the whole class via the Smart TV or Interactive Whiteboard and complete the activity.
  • Short lessons (only 10 to 20 minutes).
  • Fits into the Australian Health and Wellbeing Curriculum. 
  • Comes with complete lesson planner, activity suggestions and conversation starters.
  • Can complement existing SEL  and Positive Behaviour Support programs or be used as a stand alone program. 

For students:

  • Short visually engaging videos. 
  • Short fun, simple writing or drawing activities.
  • Key messages delivered in a clear easy to understand manner for any comprehension level including those with ASD or learning differences. 
  • No new terms, language or frameworks to learn, understand or unpack. 
  • Students will look forward to ‘time with Josh’! 
  • Includes letter for parents to know more about the program.
  • Inspiring Kids @ Home is available for parents to reinforce generalised learning of the curriculum. 

Sample Module

Module 2

Big feelings

(4 videos | 3 Activities | Estimated time 30 minutes)
We all have feelings, they’re part of us and they are what makes us human! So whatever feeling you’re feeling at any given moment is completely normal as feelings and emotions are normal 
Let’s watch Josh explain how you can make friends with all your big emotions so you feel a lot better about yourself. 

Further Reading

Pages: After watching the video relating to a particular feeling, open It’s OK to Feel The Way You Do and read the corresponding section to reinforce the lesson. 

What’s Included in the Inspiring Kids @ School program?

✅ 5 book Being You is Enough Book Pack (option to purchase more)
✅ 9 module online video program
✅ Lesson Planner (Lesson summary sheets, activity sheets and discussion starters)
✅ Affirmation posters to put up around the classroom
✅ Classroom conversation starters
✅ FREE Zoom 1 hour teacher training session (optional)
✅ One year whole school license 
Each program comes with The Being You is Enough series of books. 
1 x Being You is Enough
1 x It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do
1 x Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures
1 x Being Wildly Kind
1 x How to Be a Wonder Hunter
(There is the option to purchase more sets of books)
Each program comes with 12 affirmation posters that teachers can put on on the walls in the classroom

Schools using Inspiring Kids @ School

Inspiring Kids @ School is used by:
Bunbury Baptist College
St Patrick’s School Katanning
Burrendah Primary School Perth,
St Mary’s Primary School Merredin,
Kingston Primary School, Australind,
Josiah College, Gold Coast,
Amaroo Primary School Collie,
Micah Inclusion Autism specialist service, Bunbury  

Inspiring Kids @ School fits into the Australian Curriculum

Key Curriculum Areas: Health and Physical Education
Content Descriptors: Personal, Social and Community Health; Being healthy, safe and active; Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
Personal, Social and Community Health: Being healthy, safe and active: Identify and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing ACPS036 | Describe strategies to make the classroom and playground healthy, safe and active spaces ACPPS040 | Describe how respect, empathy and valuing diversity can positively influence relationships ACPPS037
General Capabilities: Literacy; Personal and Social Capability; Ethical Understanding

What teachers and schools have been saying

"Thank you so much for letting me trial your Inspiring Kids at School Program. I absolutely love everything about it!!🥰 The videos, the conversation starters, the activities, the activity sheets, the layout, the fonts 😂 - it is just brilliant! I can’t wait to try it out with some kids. Congratulations"

“I have loved using your program and books in my Health lessons!! Definitely keen to use it again next year. Hoping to program them into our whole-school Faction Friends lessons.”

“Loving the program! I have been working with my classroom so far, split them into three groups so a nice safe chat zone. I’m really finding the videos a great opener for discussion.”

"I am using the program during my homeroom sessions where we either watch a video, or discuss what we watched previously. The kid's are really enjoying this and I am choosing videos to match anything that is going on at school at the time (for example, one student had a bit of a meltdown over losing a game, so we watched the video about emotions and that we all have them, it is how we choose to show them etc. This was a great session and the student really took some great strategies away from this which was excellent). I am also using your visuals in a 'thought of the week' capacity, giving the kids a focus."

"I love how simple it is and how easy it will be for teachers (and schools) to implement."

"The message you are giving to kids and adults through your wonderful books, online presence and programmes is priceless ✨ You sure are…“a rainbow in someone’s cloud’"

“At a time when our students are in most need of emotional resilience and positive mental attitudes, many schools are faced with tighter budgets and crowded curricula. Josh Langley's 'Inspiring Kids', with its complete approach to a simple and easy to implement program, as well as a reasonable cost, will be very welcome.“

“Having worked with thousands of children over the decades; I know kids need this! Josh has developed a program that sets kids up to develop crucial and foundational life skills. The modules are highly engaging, and personable; with content that really speaks to children’s hearts and minds. With the Josh Langley trademark quirks, and fun; you won’t find another program like it; it truly is one of a kind”

“I've used Josh's books in so much of my teaching. His simple, genuine and entertaining way of explaining feelings to kids and adults alike is pure genius. I'm very excited about his new program, where his magic way of teaching kindness and self-awareness continues”

"Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter."

About Josh Langley

Josh Langley is an award-winning children’s author, presenter, and child mental health advocate.
In 2018 Josh won the Australian Book Industry Awards Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of Year, for his second children’s book It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do (Big Sky Publishing 2017).
Now his ground-breaking children’s books, programs and school talks on self-acceptance, resilience, understanding emotions and kindness, are helping thousands of kids make friends with themselves.
Josh’s work is loved by kids, parents, schools, libraries, child psychologists, counsellors, therapists, speech pathologists, education support experts and child disability advocates.
Josh is the ambassador for the Children’s Tumour Foundation and Camp Quality. He was voted a Westfield Local Hero for the work he does with CTF and was a finalist in the WA Mental Health Awards in the Lived Experience and Inspiration category.



Inspiring Kids @ School Student Wellbeing Program is an out of the box program. Once you make the purchase you’ll have instant access for the entire school to start using straight away. Josh will sign and post off the books to your school within 7 working days of purchase.
Inspiring Kids @ School is only $599 for a whole school one year license. Additional set of books can be purchased for $95. (You don’t want teachers fighting over just the one set!)
Purchasing Instructions: 
Click the button below to take you to the ordering page. Your initial purchase comes with one set of the Being You is Enough Series of books. If you wish to purchase further sets for your school, there will be another link on that page for you to add them to your purchase.
If you wish to request a free online learning session with your teaching staff message me here

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