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“Thought your presentation last night was excellent.” – Pat Taylor

“My daughter, Caity, and I attended your presentation at the Capel Library last night – which was fantastic, we both thoroughly enjoyed it!” – Meg

“Josh is an inspirational speaker and a wonderful writer – we loved having him at our library event...will definitely book him again” – Karen (Capel Libraries)


“THANK YOU!! It was a wonderful launch to Milligan Common. As well as being thoroughly entertaining, your storytelling was exactly the style of presentation we were looking for. “ Renae Bebbington, Chief Executive Officer Milligan Common 



“Josh you inspired the children, teachers and parents. You were so in tune with the kids and they listened. You only have to look at the photo to see just how engaged the children are. Thank you so much for giving us all some great guidance and lots of helpful things to recall during the next for years and beyond.  A great job Josh, brilliant in fact.” Carolyn Capewell, North Beach Primary

OBE workshop

“Thanks Josh I really enjoyed listening to you. … you’re an interesting and entertaining speaker with a large amount of research … sitting in the dark @ 3 Ciana with just a few lights set the scene – well done Milligan – another great event” – Jan Bebbington


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