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So where do you start?

I chatted to someone recently who was asking just that. She’d designed and written a social and emotional program for teens and didn’t have the foggiest idea of where to take it, so she reached out. I’m sharing this so it might give other people inspiration to pick up something they’ve put aside because they don’t know what to do with it.

We discussed in general terms:

  • What assets she already has ie the program outline / Facebook page / contacts – so she was miles head of many other people.
  • Potential different formats of the program ie in person group classes | Live online classes | In school version and self paced online version.
  • How to find opportunities to run the program in her local community and further a field.
  • Imposter syndrome. (Oh yeah, we’ve all got that!) However she’s had decades of experience as a teacher so she’s got the credibility and experience.
  • If in doubt – reach out. If you don’t know something, find someone who does and ask them.
  • Pushing through self doubt and having someone be your champion and keep reminding you that ‘you’ve got this’.

In my experience there’s no perfect time to start a new project, you just have to start working on it. Whether it’s research, finding a mentor, pulling together ideas from different places, getting inspiration from what’s already out there and writing it all down. The work starts now.

Make it happen.

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