Find Your Creative Mojo

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Award winning Author/illustrator and award-winning radio copywriter, Josh Langley, knows how important it is to find your voice and explore your passions. When he did, his life changed!

In this soul rattling manifesto, he delivers the untold truth about why it’s so important to express yourself. This is the  perfect call to arms for anyone wanting to unleash their creative spirit, or simply find the confidence to do something different.

A humorous and quirky mix of anecdotes, insights, illustrations and inspirational quotes, Find Your Creative Mojo is the perfect companion for any aspiring creative soul.

Broken into 4 sections, the reader is first taken through the reasons why they need to express themselves, how they can overcome obstacles such as fear and procrastination, how to use their personality traits to their advantage and finally they learn how to kick start the creative process.

This is the book that people will want to pick up again and again to inspire them to find their creative voice, or even just to take that first brave step.

Life will never be the same after reading Find Your Creative Mojo.

Praise for Find Your Creative Mojo

“The world needs this book!”

– Anne Simpson

“I’m LOVING YOUR BOOK. I bought it just because I know how awesome you are but OMG I’ve definitely done myself a favour. I love how you write.”

 Joelene Lavrick from Life Lessons Australia:Emotional Fitness & Mind Management

“This is one of my favorite books ever on creativity. The author does a great job explaining the fears we all experience when we go for our dreams of being a writer, an artist, an acrobat in the circus, etc.! I’d recommend this book to anyone who is struggling and feeling creatively blocked. 5 STARS!

– Amazon Review

“Really appreciated complete lack of pretension, and the absence of patronising language. Overall the book really has achieved the lofty heights of being on my favourites list.”

– Linda Western Australia

“Thank you for your inspiring book! I’m really enjoying it and can relate in so many ways. You certainly have proven that anything is possible for anyone. Happy to spread the word – it’s a must-read!”

– Romi Sharp – founder and director of Just Write for Kids.

“Thank you Josh Langley! I’ve just finished reading your book “Find your creative mojo”. It is funny, insightful and has given me the push I needed.”

– Pen Deshon

“LOVE THIS… Funny as, easy to read, with cool little cartoons to entertain along the way. An inspirational push towards the lighter, creative side of life. Ditch the desk chains and go hug a tree!”

– Nicky Albrecht.

“Josh Langley is an award-winning author who uses his own journey to inspire anyone wishing to be more creative or make positive changes in their life. It’s a deceptively easy read – composed of anecdotes, insights, illustrations and inspirational quotes – but the content is powerful. Go beyond fear, honour who you really are, daydream, collaborate, break the rules, think laterally, open your heart, give thanks, make space, enjoy the ride. A zesty, practical, and empowering book to dip into when the creative blahs hit.”

– Writing WA

“My advice is, “Find Your Creative Mojo” is one of those books which needs to be looked at regularly to remind us all that we are all enough, we all have something to offer, whether it is indeed sticking cacti into old bowls or simply finally realizing after 46 years that “you will never make your work perfect and that there is no such thing as perfection. It doesn’t exist”

– Karalee Katsambanis

“Actually, I was in the spiritual section of a book store and the title called to me. Then I read the foreword and decided this is what I am looking for right now. Ploughed through it in about 6 hours couldn’t put it down! Laughed and had many light bulbs.”

– Candice Dianna, Singer Songwriter.

“G’day Josh – you’re creativity book arrived in the post yesterday. I stayed up way too late reading it. I blame you for lack of productivity today!! Seriously, it looks awesome. Well done on getting it out there.”

– Matt Glover

“A beautiful book with an important message for all of us”

– Kathy Day

Josh Langley writes from the perspective of someone who’s found his creative mojo and is going for it every way he can. I enjoyed the self-deprecating humour, the insights into his own challenges and doubts, mostly, the gentle and firm way (yes, it’s a paradox but it’s true) he coaxes people into believing in themselves.

As someone trying to live the creative life, but struggling with self-doubt and perfectionism now and then, this was a refreshing reminder to stop comparing and just BE my creative self.”

– Monique Mulligan, author (from Goodreads) 5 Stars



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