Turning Inside Out – Out Now

What if we don’t die?
What if we’re not alone in this world?
What if life wasn’t meant to be a struggle?
Dive head first into the quantum quagmire that lies just under our reality with Josh Langley, author, afterlife detective and self-confessed cheese addict, as he goes on a life-changing journey to prove that there’s more to this life than we’re led to believe.

Your hair will stand on end with stories of afterlife contact, including encounters with the ghost of one of Australia’s most famous serial killers, and children who see dead people.
Follow Josh as he meets his dream guide, and conducts mind-bending experiments in the search for his ‘higher self’.
Turning Inside Out is a personal transformation book with a twist that aims to challenge your beliefs about what it means to be alive.
Filled with humour, magic, synchronicity and moments of awe; get ready to be transformed.

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 All good bookstores. If they don’t have it stamp your feet and demand they give a good explanation as to why they don’t have it. Then ask them to get it in for you.

Outside of Australia: Book Depository. (FREE delivery worldwide)




From Amazon:

“Reading this book makes me feel as if I am sitting in the sun having a long chat with Josh, with a glass or several of good wine and a big platter of cheese. An exploration of the big questions of life and death and experiences which we have always felt were weird or strange or just plain crazy. Josh gives us permission and the courage to open our minds and our hearts to look at the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘why not’s’and to question the validity of the things we have always been told were right. Josh doesn’t preach or try to impose his ideas on the reader – he invites us to join him on his quest. His doubts, his frustrations, his moments of pure joy are all shared with us with a disarming and simple honesty. I laughed, I cried, and I questioned. This book can be life changing.”
I just finished reading Turning Inside Out. What can I say? I totally loved every second of it. I felt like at the end you were me writing, I felt so connected to you and to life. I shall keep your books forever and can’t wait to explore more and research and read more on topics you discussed. Your book is an inspiration and I feel like I already know you. Thank you, I don’t feel alone now and I seriously felt like sobbing and crying at the end of the book. I wanted it to go on forever. –    Debi
 I’ve read a lot, but Turning Inside Out put it all into a wonderful perspective, with humour, and clearly coming from the heart, and as an added bonus, reflected so much of what was going on for me as well.  You have made a difference to me, and I’m very grateful.. – Sam
“From the moment that I heard hints about Josh Langley’s new book I HAD to read it. 
It appealed to me as someone who too is always looking for the same answers about life, life after death and what it all means. Turning Inside Out had it all.  Josh has a great sense of humour and honesty that made me laugh out loud, stories that sometimes had me jumping at shadows and household creaks and a cool insight that inspires me to keep exploring all the endless possibilities that life can offer if I just let go a bit”. – Annemaree

The book sheds light on the big questions and instead of a usual heavy approach , it’s from a light and humorous perspective . – kaz. 


I am almost finished reading your book Turning Inside Out, and have this burning desire to let you know how amazing I think it is. So many of your thoughts are similar to what has been going on in my mind, especially during this past year. I have also been searching for ‘proof’ that something else exists more than the physical world that we see around us. – Sam

Number of copies
1 $25.00 AUD 2 $50.00 AUD 3 $75.00 AUD
Persons name for signing




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Josh 🙂 I will be one of the first to grab a copy. Who would have thought that regression would have led to this hey? Lots of love
    Val x


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