Josh Langley

I’m sitting in a university library surrounded by countless academic books and students studying for exams, but I’m here writing about the importance of lived experience.

Since I started writing kids books and doing school talks, I’ve noticed everything in the parenting and kids’ education space, has to be research led and evidence based and for good reason.

However, lived experience can also be part of the mix too.

For me, what started out as a simple ‘being you is enough’ message to my younger self, who suffered childhood trauma, has now grown to become a self-acceptance movement where my books, presentations and programs are helping kids and parents from all walks of life feel better about who they are and feel more confident in the world.

And it’s not so much research led, but heart led.

Never underestimate the power of lived experience to educate and help people and the power of story to connect and heal.

While we need research and evidence to make sure things work and are appropriate, we need stories of lived experience to show how we can overcome obstacles, transform old beliefs, know we’re not alone and that we can live amazing lives despite any setbacks.

We need stories of lived experience to inspire us.

And it’s these stories and human connections that I weave through the Inspiring Kids programs, so it’s not all just head stuff with advice and strategies, it’s heart stuff too with stories, inspiration and encouragement.

Head and heart. We need both to be fully human.

See what I mean 👇

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