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What really matters the most when bringing up kids?

It’s stuff that’s not often spoken about or they’re neglected to some new agey concept but will definitely help a child to be mentally and emotionally strong and grow up to be happier.

In fact, they’re human skills.

So what are they?

• Self-awareness – knowing what they’re thinking and feeling.

• Self-acceptance – being ok with who they are.

• Making friends with their big feelings.

• Talking openly about their feelings.

• Resilience – learning from mistakes, finding opportunities in failure.

• The power of gratitude – help with self-regulation.

• Kindness and empathy.

• Creativity and imagination.

• Curiosity, wonder and play.

It’s these skills that will provide a foundation for good mental and emotional health for every kid, including neurodivergent kids.

Actually, the skills are for everyone, it’s just easier to teach them to kids and the earlier they learn them, the better off they’ll be in the long term.

Now, I know every family and situation is different, but when you teach these skills to kids, most other problems sort themselves out or are more easily managed – because you’re giving your kids the skills to understand and know themselves better.

It’s what all my books, video programs and school talks are about.

I want all kids to have the best start in life. That’s what drives me.

And I know it’s what drives you too.

I go deeper into them in my free PDF book, 9 Super Skills for Kids Better Mental health


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