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Have we got our priorities all wrong?

What if what society tells us is important, is in fact, a load of dog poo?

Because if we do what society says we should be doing, we’d all be happy, right?

I think we know the answer to that one.

Ever since I was a young kid, I sensed there was something seriously wrong with the way our world works and how we live our lives.

Maybe because I grew up in a seriously dysfunctional home, I was able to get a different perspective on things, hence why I see the world differently.

It could be my anxiety (that I now have in check) helps me see the idiocy we subject ourselves to on a daily basis.

It could be that the healing journey I’ve been on has revealed that the most important things we need to be fully human are shunned, downplayed, ignored, or even ridiculed.

I’ve discovered that we’re so distracted, entertained, outraged, and overwhelmed by life that we miss the very things that make it worth living.

What really matters in life?

Things like love, kindness, curiosity, wonder, rest, self-acceptance, self-awareness, emotional awareness, a sense of community, and tortellini (OK, that’s just me for the last one).

While it’s okay to have the big cars, fancy watches, huge houses, and school in a leafy suburb – they don’t bring lasting inner joy or peace. Nothing external really does.

The problem with society is that we start with the desire for stuff and then hope it brings satisfaction and inner peace etc., but it’s actually the other way round.

When your foundation is based on love, kindness, self-awareness, emotional awareness, and gratitude – everything else comes naturally. Life flows.

I’m starting to know this deep in my bones.

Yes, society has got our priorities all wrong.

When we swap chasing for things out there – like success, inane stuff, admiration and TikTok likes – and turn to an inner journey to the heart, something incredible starts to happen.

Not only do we find the peace we’ve been searching for, but all the outer stuff can then fill you with gratitude, instead of anxiety and stress.

While I share these ideas with today’s kids so they can get a good head start in life, it’s not too late for grownups too.

It’s never too late to start a journey to the heart.

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