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Why we should teach kids self-awareness.

The earlier kids recognise their developing inner monologue, the more discerning they are going to be about whether their thoughts are helpful or unhelpful. They’ll be able to quickly notice any negative self-talk and then question those thoughts – and then be able to change what they’re thinking to something more supportive and helpful.

Kid’s brains are still growing and are able to take on these learned skills and habits much easier than adults.

It’s something I wish had learned growing up. It would have made a huge difference to my ability to manage my own thoughts and feelings.

That’s why I’ve included two short videos about how to do it in the Inspiring Kids Video program which is used by schools, allied health professionals and families at home.

It’s really simple too.

I get kids to notice their thoughts and then realise they can change those thoughts – all through self-awareness.

So instead of automatically following negative self-talk down to an anxious or depressed state, they’d be able to notice the pattern as it’s happening and then seek help if need be.

It’s a skill that might save their life one day.

That’s why I teach it, and make it super simple (and fun) to do.

If you want to give your kids this skill, this is the easy way to do it.

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