Josh Langley

Why you should push through your fears

If you feel scared about what you’re planning to do next…

If you’re anxious about starting a new project….

If you’re second guessing yourself about launching something into the world…

If you’re shaking in your boots about following something you’re passionate about…

Then go ahead and do it.

Take all those feelings as a good sign.

You’re meant to feel them.

That’s what being alive feels like.

Life is lived in the arena, not in the stands.

Yes, you’ll stuff up.

Yes, you’ll make mistakes.

Yes, you might fail spectacularly.

Yes, you might have to backtrack and regroup.

Yes, you’ll get dirty, messy and feel like pulling the pin.

But you’ll learn and grow.

And you’ll step back into the arena.

That’s what daring to step out into unknown is about.

Finding something about yourself that you didn’t know.

And discovering how brave you really are.

Show up and keep showing up.

You have nothing to lose, except a life of mediocrity.

The arena awaits.

Josh Langley.

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