Josh Langley

Stop all this busy nonsense

We live in our heads most of our lives.
Rarely stopping long enough to see what’s really around us.
We live a life of doing, going, running, chasing and being busy – for busy’s sake.
Growing up I had to look busy – sitting around watching cartoons was deemed lazy.
Then at school, you had to be busy. – Pay attention! Sit up straight! Do your work!
Then you get a job, and you have to be busy (or appear to look busy).
And being busy becomes a habit, then a status symbol.
It’s all rubbish.
I still have to unlearn this busy stuff.
It’s like an addiction – I’ll die if I’m not being busy!
But by taking moments of quiet to reclaim the connection to myself and the world around me, I can see the busyness what it really is.
A distraction.
I now take moments of quiet as much as I can and nestle down into them. Find comfort in them from my anxious mind.
Whether we’re busy in our heads (Hello Josh!) or busy being busy in the physical world, it’s worth it to just find a calm spot and rest and breathe.
It’s good for kids to know this too.
Instead of overscheduling everything – be OK with downtime, make it ok to be bored or to just chill.
Life doesn’t reward the busiest person; it only sends them to the grave faster.

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