Inspired by the popular book series!

New ways to increase engagement with children in a therapy setting

Inspiring Kids is a unique program designed to increase engagement in one on one and group sessions. It uses kid friendly videos and activities to create new opportunities to start important conversations between child and therapist.

The program can be used as an on-demand video resource for individual therapy plans or videos can be grouped and delivered as chargeable group sessions or school holiday programs such as the Discovering Emotions and Confidence program below.

Optimal for children aged 5 to 12 and accessible for kids with autism, dyslexia, anxiety, learning differences, or who’ve suffered trauma or bullying.

Topics covered: Self-acceptance | Self- awareness | Creativity | Resilience | Emotional awareness and regulation | Kindness and Empathy.

Inspiring Kids has been inspired by Josh Langley’s award winning Being You is Enough children’s book series which is used by child psychologists, counsellors, OTs and speech pathologists around Australia and the program further developed in consultation with child health experts.

The  Inspiring Kids program has been run at specialist Autism centre, Micah in Bunbury WA and and is used by Full Circle Therapies in Kalgoorlie ,  Blossomtree Psychology in Ballarat and Talking Heads Speech Pathology Sydney. 

BRAND NEW for 2023! Discovering Emotions and Confidence Program for Small Groups

Discovering Emotions and Confidence Program is a straight out of the box program to help you deliver chargeable small group sessions using existing Inspiring Kids videos and activities. 

I’ve provided you with all the materials to deliver the program straight away as a 6 week program or school holiday program. 

If you’re a small practice and want to expand into running group sessions, then Discovering Emotions and Confidence is the stress free way do it. 

If you’re a larger organisation Discovering Emotions and Confidence might be the perfect program to fill a gap you may have in your schedule for 2023 and beyond. 


Brief Description

  • Inspiring Kids Discovering Confidence Program is a simple way to introduce Primary school aged children to emotional understanding / regulation and provide simple strategies to help build self-acceptance and inner confidence.
  • Run as billable small groups session with 5 to 10 kids aged between 5 and 11
  • Uses existing Inspiring Kids videos and activities grouped together to achieve the above aim.
  • Accessible for kids with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and Learning differences.
  • FREE unlimited use for existing Inspiring Kids Allied Health users.  

The program comes with the following materials:

  • Practitioner Workbook and Instruction Guide
  • NDIS Costing Suggestion for Families
  • Kids Summary and Activity workbook
  • Expression of Interest form template
  • Follow at Home Parent Guide
  • Kid’s Completion Certificate
  • Images for Marketing.
  • Marketing Suggestions and wording
  • “Official provider” badge to add to your website

Inspiring Kids - Simplifying kids mental and emotional wellbeing

The benefits of using Inspiring Kids in your practice

  • Increase engagement in one on one and group sessions. 
  • Provides a kid friendly way of conveying important topics.
  • Creates new conversation starter opportunities. 
  • Fun and engaging for children to watch and participate in. 
  • Versatile in how its delivered. 
  • Comes with unlimited use of Discovering Emotions and Confidence program.
  • Creates framework to run chargeable group sessions and school holiday activities.
  • Parents can claim cost of groups sessions through NDIS if plan or self managed. 
  • Complements existing therapy practises.  
  • No training required. 
  • Play and activate. 
  • Low cost – only $499.
  • Unlimited multiuser 12 month licence.
  • 1 week free trial.
  • Companion picture book series is available. 
  • Affiliate Program available with 15% commission. 
  • Home version available for parents and children to run self paced at home (available through NDIS if plan or self managed).

Inspiring Kids Comes With:

  1. Access to Online Video sets and modules
  2. Comprehensive user manual and video by video guide
  3. Discovering Emotions and Confidence Program Materials Kit 
  4. Conversation starter PDF
  5. Multiuser 12 month license so every therapist in your practice can access it using the single license. 


“Full Circle Therapies have recently used Josh Langley’s Inspiring Kids Program Videos in a group therapy program for children with emotional regulation difficulties. The therapist and children/families thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. The therapists found that the video’s served as a stepping stone to more advanced therapy based activities. Thanks Josh for providing a fun and engaging program.”
Hayley Willis Director Bright Minds OT
“Was amazing getting to work with you Josh, absolutely loved the way you worked and engaged with the kids and all of the content you made!! Fingers crossed we can do it all again in term 4” Jake Singleton Provisional Psychologist at the Therapy Place.
– Jake Singleton Provisional Psychologist at the Therapy Place.
“Your videos work really well in our group setting. We generally watch one or two to begin or start our conversations or activities. We have been able to include/ introduce a lot of approaches related to your videos such as CO-OP (problems don’t have to be problems video) and CBT (when we feel anxious video).  Everyone also enjoys having a dance to the music at the end too, and it has become a game how long we can keep the music playing before the summary of the video is taken off the screen.”
Gabby McCall, Occupational Therapist – Full Circle Therapies

Current Partners

Affiliate Program Available

Inside the Program

  • Video – Even cool kids have to poo (3:27) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – It’s Ok to be Different (3:27) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – No-one is perfect (4:40) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – Every ‘body’ is just fine the way they are (3:14) + Self-reflection activity.
  • Video – Being You is Enough (3:36) + self-reflection activity.
  • Video – Knowing your thoughts (5:41) + Breathing exercise.
  • Video – How to change your thoughts (4:18) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – Making friends with yourself (3:18) + Conversation starter and writing exercise.
  • Video – When you feel all alone (3:48) + Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Video – Power of daydreaming and imagination (6:37) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – Mistakes can be magnificent (3:52) Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Video – Failing can be fantastic (5:42) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Problems don’t have to be…. Problems! (5:32) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – How to avoid overthinking (4:51) + simple writing exercise.
  • Video – How to be brave (5:57) + simple writing exercise.
  • Video – You are Important to the world (3:49) no activity.
  • Video – We all have feelings (3:48) Conversation starter and simple writing exercise.
  • Video – When we feel sad (5:01) Simple self-awareness activity.
  • Video – When we feel angry (6:24) + Drawing activity.
  • Video – When we feel anxious (4:53) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – The power of gratitude (4:25) + writing exercise.
  • Video – Discover your wildly kind power (1:55) Simple awareness activity.
  • Video – Being Wildly Kind to people (5:25) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Real reason not to be mean (Don’t bully people) (3:48) no activity.
  • Video – Being Wildly Kind to Animals (2:45) + Drawing or writing exercise.
  • Video – Being Wildly kind to the planet (6:11) + Conversation starter.
  • Video – Real power of being Wildly Kind (3:36) + Self-reflection exercise.

Sample Video

Strategies and Methods Used in Inspiring Kids

Strength based and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) based methods plus incorporating skill sets such as cognitive reframing, mindfulness behaviour therapy, relaxation techniques, and emotional regulation and emotional awareness skills.

Solutions to Long Wait Lists

Parents and children can do the Inspiring Kids Home Edition self paced at home while they wait to see a therapist. Through the affiliate program, simply email your affiliate link to your client, they can purchase the program and start using it straight away. By referring your clients to the program, you can have peace of mind knowing that they are receiving helpful and engaging resources that can support their mental health and well-being while they wait for a spot to become available at your clinic. 

“Thank you so much for today – we are excited to get a couple of weeks to have a play with this and what incredible work you’ve done setting it all up – impressive.”
– Chelle Taylor co-owner of Blossomtree Psychology, who went onto to purchase the program.


Families can claim Inspiring Kids under NDIS if they are Plan or Self-managed under:

-Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living support category 15

-Innovative Community Participation from mainstream provider.

Individual plans might have core funding for social and emotional development

Inspiring Kids Program - Allied Health Edition

$499 per annum includes multiple users and unlimited uses for the 12 months.


“I know kids need this! Josh has developed a program that sets kids up to develop crucial and foundational life skills. The modules are highly engaging, and personable; with content that really speaks to children’s hearts and minds. With the Josh Langley trademark quirks, and fun; you won’t find another program like it; it truly is one of a kind”

Sonia Bestulic, Author, Speech & Language Pathologist, Podcaster of Chatabout Children

“Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter.”

Karen Young, Children’s anxiety expert and founder of Hey Sigmund.

“My client is using your program with her three littlies and loving it!”

Miranda Watkins, CEO of Evolve Wellbeing | Psychologist

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Companion Book Series

The companion book series to Inspiring Kids is an important resource used child psychologists, speech pathologists, therapists, teachers and education assistants. 


1 x Being You is Enough

1 x It’s OK to Feel the Way You Do

1 x How to be a Wonder Hunter

1 x Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures

1 x Being Wildly Kind 

1 x Postage and Handling

Total $95

About Josh Langley

Josh Langley’s ground-breaking children’s books, programs and school talks on self-acceptance, resilience, and understanding emotions and kindness, are helping thousands of kids make friends with themselves.

Josh’s work is loved by kids, parents, schools, libraries, child psychologists, counsellors, therapists, speech pathologists, education support experts and child disability advocates. 

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