Josh Langley

Part 1 of my 2-part series on parenting.

What do I know about parenting? Zilch! So I asked a couple of very different experts, but strap yourself in, this is not your common garden variety parenting advice.

  • Why Yolanda become a parenting coach.
  • Why she wasn’t showing up for her kids.
  • How she turned the idea of ‘mother’s must sacrifice everything for their family’ on it’s head and became a better mother.
  • How by becoming happier within herself, she was able to be more present for her kids.
  • How can parents be more conscious in how they parent?
  • How kids today have a different mindset than those of previous generations.
  • Yolanda’s 5 step program – from chaos to calm.
  • What lights Yolanda up?

About Yolanda: Yolanda runs Empowered Parenting and is an empowered parenting consultant & coach and author of Abundant Motherhood – Empowering Mums to Empower their Kids. Yolanda runs workshops for both parents & kids around Melbourne & online. Find out more at

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