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THE best Children’s Book Week Costume Hack

Parents either love it or hate it.

Making a costume for Children’s Book Week.

For some it instills a paralysing fear and for others a joyous expression of their inner creative spirit.

I’m like the former and hate having to make anything remotely related to a costume. I don’t even like going to dress up parties. Urgh!

So if you’re like me, I have the best news.

Since Being You is Enough came out a few years ago, kids have been going to Children’s Book Week parade dressed as themselves proudly holding their copy of the book.

It’s especially powerful for neurodivergent kids or kids with a disability where self-acceptance is one of the mst powerful things they can have.

To proudly stand with all the other kids at school, holding their Being You is Enough book, says to the world, ‘I am enough the way I am. This is me, here I am’.

Teachers weigh in

Teachers have told me that when kids come to school without a costume for whatever reason, they always give the child a copy of Being You is Enough to parade with and tell them they don’t need to be anyone else as they’re wonderful as they are.

One teacher went above and beyond to help her students.

I love how the book isn’t just helping kids feel good about who they are, it’s giving anxious and busy parents a little break from the added stress of having to create an amazing costume for Children’s Book week.

Grab your copy here or the full 5 book Being You is Enough series and I’ll even sign them for your child.

For a list of my Children’s Book Events, check my events page.

Have a fantastic Children’s Book Week and let’s keep the love of reading alive for our kids.

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