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Don’t let your neurotic thoughts dictate your direction in life

OMG! my neurotic mind can make up all sorts of wild and crazy stories!

However, with self-awareness I can notice them before they turn into any more idiocy. I’ve found from personal experience, by being aware of what’s happening in my head, and deciding whether my thoughts are helpful or unhelpful leads to me feeling much better about myself. Life flows easier.

And I have a simple way I teach this to kids, which also can work for grown ups too.

  • Stop and pause for a moment.
  • Listen to your inner monologue | Thoughts | inner voice
  • Decide if they’re helpful or unhelpful
  • How do they make you feel?
  • If the thought is unhelpful and makes you feel blah, then change it.
  • Think of something that makes you feel good, a happy memory, a past holiday, someone you love or something you’re grateful for.

Here are some simple tools to help you do this.

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